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Eastern Fare Music Foundation - a will to succeed

Jim Ankan Deka, becomes the first Assamese to open a music institution and a production house in Bangalore, India. Eastern Fare Music Foundation had its origination in 2007. Presently the foundation has six institutions and two recording studios. While Jim is the proprietor, two of his friends Mr Anand PM from Kerala and Miss Parmita Borah from Assam help him in running the show. So far the institution has over 400 students with six full and part time teachers. They teach mainly Guitar, Keyboard and Piano in Western Classical Style. Their students sit for Trinity exams.

Jim Ankan Deka is the son of the celebrated Assamese litterateur and economist Late Bhabananda Deka and poet Nalini Prabha Deka. Jim has been composing and arranging Music since his childhood. So far he has arranged music for various Films, Music Albums, Jingles, Video Games, Documentaries and TV Series in an array of languages including Assamese, Hindi, English, Kannada, Nagamese and Mizo. He has had a stint with "Goalporia Folk Songs" as well. He has nine albums till date and is working on three albums in Kannada, English and Assamese language.

Eastern Fare Studio has been helping the upcoming bands with the recording and promotion. They have two four piece and five piece bands in Bangalore consist of students of Eastern Fare who play retro and classic rock music in different clubs and resorts. Jim Ankan himself has a band named 'Veenar' with the renowned Kannada musician Suchethan Rangaswami who are working on their debut album to be released in November this year.

Upasana Medhi

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Arindam Mani Das's picture

Looks like there's still hope for budding musicians who're still to get an opportunity to showcase their talents....
Preetam Rajkhowa's picture

It is surely a great news for budding musicians. I think people like Jim Deka should get more focus.
Rashsul Hussain's picture

Jim, definitely has been a talent. I have visited him and his school personally; and persona and the vibe exhibited there show the dedication of a devoted musician. Wish him all the best for his future endeavors.
Keshab Talukdar's picture

This is a good news for Assam. Assamese musicians are well known everywhere. But respect is another thing. Best of luck Jim. We should be proud of you.
Queen's picture

It makes me very very happy to see Jim doing so well. Good Luck dear, may you reach the zenith of your career as a musicians. Love and kisses, Queen
Nihal's picture

good to know about jim
Kaustav Chatterjee's picture

Hi Jim, Apologies for the sudden disapperance. But I keep myself updated on your recent developments through net. I am extremely happy and pray God that your institutions and Studios stand the best. Bangalore needs something great like this... See you sometimes...

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