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Anjali sent to jail

A court in Guwahati on Wednesday remanded Anjali Das Thakuria to judicial custody two days after the assistant with the regional passport office in Guwahati was arrested by CBI on bribery charge. The court sent her to jail when CBI produced her following the end of 24 hour custody. The personal assistant of the regional passport office was held inside her office for accepting Rs 2000 bribe for clearing a pending file.

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442nd Kirtan mahotsava held at Barpeta

31 Aug 2011 - 2:43am | Juthika Das

The death anniversary of Mahapurush Srimanta Sankardeva or the Kirtan Mahotsava was observed here at Barpeta Xatra traditionally. According to the tradition, the main Kirtan Mahotsava was held here today, but the satriya tradition had started before seven days of the main Kirtan mahotsava. According to that tradition the devotees of Brindaban Hati have to observe their own duty ( which is called here ‘paal’) and during these seven days before the main Kirtan Mahotsava they have to come to the Kirtan Ghar ( barpeta Satra) at night and ‘Bar Dhemeli”, ‘Gurughata’ etc( performance of Khol Badan). During these seven days according to the tradition along with the regular rituals at Barpeta Satra the Devotees have to perform ‘Naam Kirtan’, ‘Byah Kirtan’ ‘Ghosa Kirtan’ and ‘ Gayan- Bayans’ etc without any lapse and without breaking the ‘taals’ of these regular prayers. And the main day of Kirtan of Mahapurush Srimanta is usually observed here in the ‘ Sukla Dwitiya Tithi’ in the month of ‘Bhadra’ in Assamese calendar. At times there were also the tradition of ‘Naokhel’, but it becomes a HISTORY now.

Today in the morning after the regular prasanga(prayer) the devotees( pathak) sang two ‘Naam Chanda’ two ‘ saran chanda’ and lateron two ‘Ghosas’ of ‘ bastu Prakash’ and six ‘Ghosas’ of ‘Raas Leela ’which is found in our Naam Ghosa and Kirtan Ghosa by the Duo Mahapurushas. After than there were the tradition of distributing ‘Prasad’. And the gayan- bayans performed gurughata and then Bhojan Byebahaar was held. In the evening Ghosa Kirtan, Byah Kirtan, and at night Bardemeli was performed On the other hand ,for the Kirtan Mahotsava of Mahapurush Srimanta Sankardeva the devotees of Brindaban hati took out procession with xatriya tradition with gayan-bayan, Xatriya and group of Naam-Kirtan performed by the devotees and offered Karbhar( a kind of tradition at Barpeta xatra) at Barpeta satra. Mentionable that through this ‘Karbhar’ the devotees offered Rice, Gourd, salt, Mustard oil, and Dillenis Indica( a kind of sour)and those were distributed among the devotees of the satras of the hatis of Barpeta town. The performance of naam specially Thiya- Naam which is popular all over Assam and abroad naturally attracted the viewers and automatically bowed the heads of the viewers towards the devotion of Lord Krishna. Because these Thiyanaam is nothing, but in praise of lord Krishna. Thus end the Kirtan Mahotsava of Mahapurush Srimanta sankardeva.

Joyepur to focus Assamese culture & tradition

30 Dec 2017 - 5:07pm | Akshaya Pranab Kalita

NAMRUP:Good news for the unemployed lots in Joyepur, an undiscovered tourist spot in Dibrugarh district. Courtesy Assam Tourism Development Corporation. The government undertaking will pick up 50 youths to promote tourism in the area by showcasing the uniqueness of Assamese culture and tradition.
Disclosing this in the sidelines of the Joyepur Rain Forest Festival here on Saturday tourism minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said 50 youths would get ₹3lakh each to build house to keep the outside tourists who would be able to feel the pulse of Assam, it's and their colourful culture and tradition.
Apart from it, the government has planned to build a resort for the tourists in Joyepur area which is full of potential for tourism promotion.
Before that opening the three days annual festival Sarma said Joyepur now need not Lah behind. He said the BJP-led government has explored the immense potential in it which needs to be tapped.

Stop medical terrorism movement

23 Jun 2016 - 9:21pm | AT News

“I solemnly pledge myself to consecrate my life to service of humanity.” This is the first sentence a doctor utters while taking an oath when s/he enters into the medical profession. They are considered as God by people despite knowing the fact that they are human, as the profession gives ‘hope’ to live to a patient and his family. But due to the increasing number of medico legal issues in the country, there is a serious concern about the doctor-patient relationship. To raise awareness among the patients about their rights and responsibilities as patients and to build up a strong, safe and healthy doctor patient relationship, the Dr. Anamika Ray Memorial Trust has been decided to observe June 25 as Patients’ Rights Day under the “STOP MEDICAL TERRORISM” movement for better and transparent healthcare services in India. The Trust feels happy that a few civil society organisations such as Ahom Sena, Priyobandhu, CLPF etc. have come forward to support the cause and make it a vibrant movement.

The Trust, in consultation with a panel of medical professionals of national and international repute, drafted the Patients’ Rights in 10 points and the responsibilities in another 10 points. The Rights and Responsibilities of the patients will be available at on June 23rd in many languages. It's a two page document. The Trust requests everyone to support the cause by downloading the document in their preferred language, printing it out and distributing it among patients in any hospital in India. The Trust believes that this initiative may save hundreds of lives and will be a great contribution for better and more transparent healthcare services in India. To let others know, the Trust also requests supporters to post a photo of the distribution of the document with ‪#‎patientsrightsday‬ in any social media.

The rights mentioned in the draft include the right to get the best possible medical care without discrimination; right to prompt, life-saving treatment; right to take part in all decisions relating to one’s health care; right to privacy; right to know the identity and role of people involved in treatment; right to dignity and to have caregivers’ respect; right to appropriate assessment and management of pain; right to receive visitors; right to refuse treatment and to leave the medical centre; and right to get necessary information related to the line of treatment as well as all health records.

The responsibilities mentioned in the draft include the responsibility to refrain from misbehaving and misconduct towards any medical service providers; responsibility to refrain from physical assault of any healthcare personnel or damage to property; responsibility to be truthful; responsibility to provide complete and accurate medical history; responsibility to cooperate with the agreed line of treatment; responsibility to meet the financial obligations; responsibility to refrain from initiating, participating or supporting fraudulent and illegal health care practices; responsibility to report illegal or unethical behaviour; responsibility to get a post-mortem done and responsibility to discuss end of life decisions.

The Trust reiterates that the purpose of the movement is to bring about improvement in health care services in the country through legislation aimed at systemic changes. It is a distant and difficult goal but the movement is determined to succeed so that victims of Medical Terrorism can find justice, so that doctors who wish to and are trying to make a difference through their actions can do so with greater ease, and so that there is greater and justified trust in the relationship between medical professionals and patients. The Trust urges the public not to be swayed by divertive and misleading arguments and to support the movement.