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Rail blockade in Sorbhog

Normal train services remains disrupted for several hours in the morning on Monday following the rail blockade in Barpeta demanding a sub division.
Led by BJP MLA from Sorbhog Ranjit Das, hundreds of people blocked the rails in Sorbhog in the morning demanding Sorbhog a sub division.
New Delhi bound Rajdhani Express along with several other trains remained unmoved for several hours.

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Stalemate over third choice

27 Jan 2014 - 12:16pm | AT News

Assam Congress has agreed to field Bhubneswar Kalita as the first choice candidate for the upcoming Rajjya Sabha polls. But the third choice candidate has yet to be cleared.

Chief minister Tarun Gogoi is holding several rounds of talks with senior party leaders to arrive at a consensus on the third choice candidate after Sonia Gandhi recommended a New Delhi based political leader and former MP Sanjay Singh.

A circle of powerful AICC leaders has arrived in Guwahati convince chief minister Tarun Gogoi and APCC president Bhubneswar Kalita.

Zero Discrimination Day

1 Mar 2015 - 8:34pm | Abdul Gani

long with the rest of the country, the Assam State AIDS Control Society (ASACS) in association with Indian Network of Positive People observed Zero Discrimination Day on Sunday  at the State Institute of Health and Family Welfare, Khanapara in Guwahati. 

This year’s theme is–Open up, reach out. Speaking on the occasion, president of Indian Network of Positive People, Jahnabi Goswami said that discrimination especially of those who are infected by HIV/AIDS is very common.

Stating her own example, she said, “There was a time when a dentist himself refused to treat me when I told him that I am an HIV infected. Not only that, the concerned dentist even called up his other dentist colleagues not to treat me.”

She further said that an HIV infected person is discriminated in such a way that there are instances that even after death the infected person’s house was burnt along with the body. Jahnabi further said that even in ART centres, HIV-infected persons are discriminated.

Dr Nabaneet Baruah of GNRC said that such day should be observed by inviting the discriminators and not those who are discriminated. Stating that there is a lack of awareness amongst the medical fraternity on HIV/AIDS, Baruah said that it is really disheartening to hear about patients being turned away from the hospital just because he or she is an HIV positive. Dwelling on the rights of Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender (LGBT), he said, “Being a lesbian or a gay is not a crime and in fact it is very much natural and therefore they should be given the legal status.”

Around hundred participants participated in the programme comprising of people belonging of INP+ and other organizations.

Expressing the same view, Dr Amrit Gogoi of GMCH said that efforts must be made to wipe out the menace of stigma and discrimination especially amongst the HIV-infected.

Dr Chiranjeev Bhattacharjya, Epidemiologist, ASACS said that HIV is a manageable disease and thus early detection and taking of ART drugs is very important.  Chandan Barua, Project Director, Assam State AIDS Control Society (ASACS) in his address said, “There was a time when TB and Leprosy patients were discriminated but we can hope that stigma and discrimination related to HIV is a passing phase and soon we can see a world sans any kind of discrimination.” 

DMA hails State and Central Govt

22 Aug 2011 - 11:04pm | Anup Biswas

The Dimasa Mothers' Association (DMA) warmly welcomes the release of Shri Joel Gorlosa, Chairman DHD (J) AND Shri Niranjan Hojai Commander-in-Chief DHD (J) by an interim order on bail 16th August 2011(Tuesday) in the evening.

The DMA extends its thanks and gratitude to the State Government of Assam, and the Central Government including the interlocutor Shri P. C. Haldar for granting an interim release order from jail to DHD (J) leaders to enable them to participate in the formal talk in the interest of peace and development in Dima Hasao District of Assam.

The DMA wishes for a meaningful peace dialogue between the DHD (J) leaders on the one hand and the Government of Assam and the Central Government on the other hand..

The DMA Appeal to the Government of Assam and the Centre to release all the civil and political leaders namely, Shri Mohet Hojai Ex. C.E.M and Shri Golon Daolagupu Ex. E. M. of Dima Hasao Autonomous Council, Shri Partho Warisa, Shri Sameer Ahmed and Shri Pojen Hojai on Humanitarian ground. So that no further troubles occurs in the peace loving District.