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EVIN training concludes

A four day long training scheduled on Electronic Vaccine Intelligence Network (EVIN) was concluded on Tuesday at Prashanti Lodge in Kokrajhar district.

Nearly 100 employee and staffs of the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare department took part in the training covering 34 cold chain points in the district,which was organised by Health & Family Welfare department.The EVIN has been aimed to support the Government of India’s Universal Immunization Programme by providing real-time information on vaccine stocks and flows, and storage temperatures across all cold chain points in the district as well Assam.

The EVIN has in strengthening the evidence base for improved policy-making in vaccine delivery, procurement and planning for new antigens in India, home to the world’s largest birth cohort of over 27 million. Roll-out underway in states across India. In addition to the states, because EVIN is being rolled-out in 211 districts of Assam, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Jharkhand, Manipur, Nagaland and Odisha. In doing so, EVIN will support better vaccine logistics management at more than 10,000 cold chain points reaching out to nearly 60 percent of children under the age of two in the country. The EVIN provides an integrated solution to address widespread inequities in vaccine coverage by supporting state governments in overcoming constraints of infrastructure, monitoring and management information systems and human resources, often resulting in overstocking and stock outs of vaccines in storage centres.

Dr Sukamal Basumatary,Project Officer Operation,Kokrajhar for GAVI Health System Strengthening Project said that it is a training scheduled for health staff and employees while implementing the electronic vaccines. The training programme would be highlighting the importance and usefulness of the electronic vaccines among citizens,Dr Basumatary said.

“The training was concluded today after four day with huge throng from the concern department.It will be extending support while keeping and serving immunization in the district”,he added.

Participants expressed their happy over the training proagramme for the employee and staffs in the state.

“We got different types of information and knowledge about performing EVIN in the district.Now,we become expert on the usefulness of EVIN programmes”,said a participant.

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Elephant dead in drain

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Two more wild elephants died in Nagaon and Udalguri districts on Tuesday.

The first incident took place when a three-year-old male calf died after it slipped into a deep drain in Amsoi Tea Estate after getting separated from its herd. A male adult jumbo was electrocuted at Nalapara in the Borangajuli revenue circle in the Indo-Bhutan area. The elephant, which had come out of Bornadi Wildlife Sanctuary on the foothills of Himalayas, died after it came in contact with high-tension wires.

Water Scarcity in Guwahati

3 Apr 2009 - 8:05am | djmahanta

We, in Guwahati, face a water scarcity every year in the dry months - February and March. For me it is a shame to human life. Because mother earth has ample potential to make us survive on it but, we are the people who do not know how to acquire it, Instead we destroy all provisions made by the earth for our livelihood.

We still live on speculations like - multistoried construction activities consume lots of water during construction period or deep-tube-wells in apartments suck underground water more and make scarcity of underground water to the houses in the neighborhood, etc. These are basically some excuses to common people of our inabilities or our shallow knowledge to find out a proper solution.

As per my common sense, we fall under imbalance of quantum of water required for the city, against the total per-capita consumption of water needed. Underground water resource cannot be divided in neighborhood or individual house basis. It is a resource under the whole area of same topographic nature and a city as a whole.

Mighty river Brahmaputra can be called the greatest water resource of the earth and flowing by us is there to help us! We have to come out in action not with excuses.

No water in Haflong govt college hostel

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To register their protest against the PHE department, thirty boarders of Haflong Govt. College Boys Hostel went up to the PHE water-storage tank, near the minister's residence, and staged their unique protest by brushing their teeth on 11th December 2012, in the morning.

It is learnt that the Students at Haflong Govt. College Boys Hostel had to go without food and had to appear at their exams empty stomach due to lack of water supply by the PHE Department

Besides, the boarders at Haflong Govt. College Boys Hostel have also expressed dissatisfaction about the slow pace of boundary wall construction work. The construction of two main security gates has not even started. The boundary wall without the gates is useless, they pointed out.

The boarders have decided to stage similar protests against the concerned department(s) within this month if the construction work is further delayed. They have also threatened to use legal tools such as RTI (Right to Information Act. 2005) to go ahead with their demand if needed.