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World Day against Child Labour observed

On June 12, 2019 FAsCE India observed the World Day against Child Labour at Mermier Hall, SFS School campus, Narengi with the 110 children between the age group of 6-14 yrs of FAsCE India Supplementary Education Centre, Narengi.

The aim of the FAsCE India Supplementary Education Centre is to create “A Child Labour Free Neighbourhood through Education and Community Participation”. To commemorate this day in a befitting manner an Animation Programme on the theme “Children shouldn’t work in fields but on dreams!”

The programme began with an inaugural ceremony, Ranjan K Baruah, Founder of North East Youth Foundation the resource-person for the programme and Rev. Fr. Saji George MSFS, Executive Director of FAsCE India were welcomed and felicitated by the children of Supplementary Education Centre.

The two hour long programme was interactive animation session highlighted on the significance of the day and childhood is a time to aspire, dream and pursuing education. The prevailing situation of child labour in our society and worldwide was also brought into focus during the session by the resource person.

Present on the occasion Rev. Fr. Saji George MSFS, appreciated Mr. Ranjan K Baruah wonderfully animating the informative and interactive session which had enthused the children and allowed them spontaneously participate in the programme.

Encouraging, the children Fr. Saji George said “you need to dream and aspire to live your dream by putting sincere efforts in your studies, obedience to your parents and leading a good life!” The programme concluded with a vote of thanks proposed by Miss Neesha Khatun, a student of class 7.

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APJ Abdul Kalam no more

27 Jul 2015 - 9:57pm | editor

Former President APJ Abdul Kalam passed away at Shillong on Monday. He collasped at a function in Indian Institute of Management Shillong duering a lecture. He was rushed to the ICU of Bethani Hospital where he was declared dead. He was 83. Condolence from variuosusection of people and leaders are pouring in.

Get, set, fly

13 May 2008 - 5:12pm | Rupak Das
With the Formula-1 2008 season picking up steam, I wonder why we in India or Delhi for that matter have not been able to produce a single Formula-1 champion till date? I mean you have to see the driving ‘skills’ of some of the drivers in Delhi which can put a Lewis Hamilton or Fernando Alonso to shame. On any typical day in Delhi’s lean and mean streets, you will come across this variety of drivers who honk their horns with such gusto as if everyone of them has a flight to catch to some corner of the globe. The minute the light turns green, you have to give them the right of way or be prepared for physical, mental and verbal abuse and/or get your car’s derriere spanked. The scene gets more interesting if there is no policeman around. Then Jungle Law prevails, where Might is Right. The larger the vehicle you drive, the greater seems to be your say and prestige on the road. May God help you if you are riding a two-wheeler with your family. Many of these particular breed of drivers come from rich and occasionally super-rich families who drive around in swanky cars with even swankier girlfriends. As soon as they hit a smooth stretch of road, their vehicles seem to shift to a take-off mode. Many of them do not even own driving licences, but what the heck? Songs blare from their vehicles with such ferocity which even a rampaging herd of elephants would find difficult to match. They drive as if they own the road and everything on it.

But there are always two sides of a coin. Instead of the government trying to go after these errant drivers, it would do better to groom them into future Formula-1 champs. We only had Narain Karthikeyan in Formula-1 and he also could not exactly set the tracks on fire. So, why waste this precious talent? The government would do well to organize practice races every day on Delhi’s roads to hone the driving skills of these errant(or should we say gifted !) drivers and select the best ones out of the ‘worst’. Now you may be thinking what about the pedestrians? To that I can only say, “what pedestrian thinking”?

India win 22 medals in Asian Powerlifting Championship

20 Jun 2010 - 3:01am | editor

Indian Powerlifters returned home with handful of medals from Asian Powerlifting Championship that concluded at Ullen Batter, Mangolia on May 7. India altogether collected 22 medals which included 9 golds, 8 silvers and 5 bronzes from the championship.

India sent 36 members team in the tournament and Assam based sports journalist Kula Pradip Bhagawati was also a part of the team as a media manger. Altogether 529 participants from 17 countries took part in the 7-day championship.

The name of the Indian powerlifters who won medal in the championship: Gold- Bhagyawati Devi (master-1, 67.5 kg), Sangita Singh (82.5 kg junior), Sangita Barik (82.5kg, open), Divya Devdas (90+ kg, sub junior), Sampa Guha (90+ kg, open), Nizam Ali (52kg, junior), P C Bidhika ( 60 kg, master-2), Jagdish Rathore (82.5 kg, master-3) and Jena Kartikeswar (75kg, master-2). Silver: Rama Lakshmi (56kg, junior), Tejaswini Naidu (56kg, open), K Swati (67.5kg junior), Santosh Kumar (56kg, junior), Ashoke Karmakar (67.5 kg, master-1), Sudeswar Rao Waghmare (82,5kg, master-2), Nitin Madhukar Kurelkar( 82.5 kg, master-1) and Bhupendra Vyas (75kg, master-1). Bronze: Susipra (52kg, sub junior), Mandakini Mahanta (52kg, open), Sushila Devi (56kg, open), Sanjoy Bilore( 60kg, open) and Satya Prakash (67.5 kg, master-2).