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Workshop on Undergraduate level Choice Based Credit System at Charaibahi College

Nagaon: A day long workshop on undergraduate level Choice Based Credit System and NAAC Assessment and Accreditation concluded successfully here in Charaibahi College, Morigaon. The workshop organized by IQAC of the college was attended by teachers from GKB College, Charaibahi College, Mating Aanchalik College. Dr. Chinta Mani Sharma, Coordinator, IQAC and Associate Professor followed by Dr.Afzalur Rahman, Assistant Professor of Nowgong College were invited as resource persons in the workshop. It is worth mentioning that Nowgong College has been bestowed with the responsibility of Mentor Institute to assist non- NAAC accredited colleges in its geographical vicinity so that they may come up for assessment and accreditation by NAAC which is mandatory. Dr Kamal Chandra Nath , Principal of the College offered welcome speech while Pranjal Hazarika, coordinator of IQAC of the host college anchored the entire programme.

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Earth Day Celebrated in Assam

22 Apr 2012 - 10:32pm | editor

Earth Day is the largest, most widely celebrated international environmental event organized with a view to spread awareness as to how the earth can be preserved and eventually saved. It is celebrated with much fanfare throughout the world. In an attempt to reach out to children, the Ministry of Earth Sciences, Government of India celebrated Earth Day on April 22 every year to encourage the children on eco-friendly living and preserving the biodiversity.

Advancement of Peoples Group (APG) has celebrated the Earth Day in Shankardev Sishu Niketan at Rangapara along with 14 other schools in Assam. The theme of the entire event was “Every Day is Earth Day”. This initiative was supported by Ministry of Earth Science.

To-day the celebration starts from 10 am with an few minutes meeting presided by the Principal Acharya of the school Pratibha Dutta, members of APG also presented. Addressing the participants, guardians, teachers and staff from other schools in Rangapara Pratibha Dutta said “it is call of the hour to reduce pollution and to adopt a eco-friendly living.” She also added that small steps like walking or cycling to school, economically use of water and food stuff, planting trees, not littering, reducing waste specially plastic products are actually giant strides of mankind in preserving for the future.

The celebration is scheduled with a painting competition, held among three category of Primary classes (up to 5thStandard), Junior classes (6th-10th Standard), and Senior classes (11th-12th Standard). Similarly, the students present on the celebration have also voluntarily undertake awareness activities of tree plantation, city cleaning and bicycle rally to promote nonpolluting forms of transportation. Despite heavy rain during morning hours today more than 300 children take participation in the celebration at Shankar Dev Sishu Niketan and similarly the participants number outstanding in rest of the schools. The topics for the art competition covered all the diverse aspects and issues of our environment and its protection.

The art competition entries held among the 15 school will checked by the Ministry before announcement of prize. The first prize for all the three levels were of Rs. 5000/- (each); the second prize of Rs. 4000/- (each); the third prize of Rs. 3000/- (each); and the fourth prize was of Rs. 2000/ (Rs. 500/- each). It is to be mentioned that awarded entries will be passed on to the Ministry of Earth Sciences to be considered for an All India Award. Moreover, to celebrate the event every sort of material provided to the school, few of them are 5 laminated Vinyl bilingual posters containing themes relevant to Earth Day, 2 banners (size 6ft × 3 ft), booklet of small speeches that has to be read out by students in the assembly about Earth Day, Sheet for Drawing and refreshment for the participating of children.

The other schools are Sri Sri Pitambar Dev High School of Garmurh Majuli, Balya Bhawan School of Jorhat, Lakhimpur Govt. Boys HS School, Udalguri Girls HS School, 7 Schools of Vivekananda Kendra and three Schools of Don Bosco.

- T. Hazarika, Tezpur

AASAA demands ST(A) status for Adivasis

20 Jan 2019 - 8:30am | AT Kokrajhar Bureau

The All Adivasi Students Association of Assam (AASAA) Stephen Lakra faction has demanded earlu granting of ST status and ST-A (Aboriginal) status to the Adivasis. AASAA has alleged that BJP has failed to fulfil hopes and aspiration of the Adivasi community who had put promises during the 2014 Lok Sabha and 2016 state elections.

President of the AASAA Stephen Lakra while addressing the Press Conference held at Kokrajhar Press Club on Saturday, expressed his unhappy over the formation of group of ministers, headed by Health minister Dr Himanta Biswa Sarma to monitor the issues of ST status granting to the six communities. He alleged that BJP party  has failed to fulfil hopes and aspiration who had put promised during the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. He has demanded early of granting ST status to the Adivasis in the state of Assam through the ensuing Parliament session beginning from last part of January.

Regarding the reported ST (O),Lakra said that Adivasis are not accepting ST (O) which is not acceptable. The Adivasis wants ST(A-Aboriginal) status to meet dignity and integrity of the Adivasis.

He has urged the government to take bold initiative to grant ST status to the Adivasis.

We are not Indian: 4 outfits call out to boycott R-Day

24 Jan 2017 - 11:32am | Syed Miraz Ahmed

In something that has become synonymous to Republic Day celebrations in Assam, 4 more outfits (KLO, NDFB, NLFT and PDCK) have taken to appeal to the masses to boycott the event this year.

The outfits consider Western South East Asia (WeSEA) to be a land of gold dust, a heaven of distinct cultures and customs and an ocean of peace wherein people have been living independently since time immemorial.

“We have waited too long for our freedom. We can no longer wait. Now is the time to intensify the struggle on all fronts. To relax our efforts now would be a mistake which generations to come will not be able to forgive. The sight of freedom looming on the horizon should encourage us to redouble our efforts. It is only
through disciplined mass action that our victory can be assured. We call on our all compatriots to join us in the shaping of a new Western South East Asia. The freedom movement is a political home for you too. We call on the international community to continue the campaign to isolate the apartheid regime,” the communiqué issued to the media stated.

They feel that India is exploiting them by draining away their economy and oppressing them by assimilating their cultures and customs and suppressing them by imposing AFSPA.

“By promulgating the AFSPA, colonialist India is creating havoc in entire WeSEA. As WeSEA is not a part of India we are not Indian and will not allow to perform the Republic Day celebration in our land,” the outfits equivocally asserted.

Terming that India is not democratic but “autocratic and kleptocratic”, the outfits called out for a total shut down on January 26, 2017 with effect from 12.01 am to 11.59 pm and to engage concerted refusal by not attending or gathering at any governmental offices, public places within 24 hours of that day.

“Let us not deceive ourselves by observing the 68th Indian Republic Day; it is like stabbing on our
back for 68 years by the colonial Indian government,” the outfits echoed.

Emergency services are however, exempted from the shut down.