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Manipur Elders take moral responsibility, declare indefinite fast and prayer for deeds of immature youth

Imphal, July 29: In a gesture of peace and reconciliation, elders of Vaishnavite Community in Imphal have taken on moral responsibility for the misdeeds of the immature youth of their community, by declaring an indefinite fast and prayer. 

In the wake of Archbishop Emeritus Thomas Menamparampil’s third visit to Manipur (25th to 27th July 2023) coincides with the initiative of the Convener of Interfaith Forum for Peace and Harmony of Manipur, Mr. Deben Sharma, announcing Indefinite Fast and Prayer in the name of his Vaishnavite Sanamahi community. 

Mr. Sharma, one of the initiators of the Interfaith Forum for Peace along with a number of highly placed leaders belonging to the Vaishnavite community, decided to take on the moral responsibility for the wrong done against women during the recent conflict and to go on an indefinite fast until the Central Government puts a stop to killings and destruction in Manipur. 

Visiting the fasting team with the Dimapur Christian Forum at the Youth Club, Brahmapur, former archbishop of Guwahati Menamparampil expressed admiration saying, “Adults indeed have set an example of mutual respect and exchange of good will.”

“I hope this generous gesture on your part will generate a Sense of Responsibility in society as a whole to prevent tragedies like those that have taken place in Manipur recently”, Menamparampil said. 

Insisting that “it is the responsibility of the Government to ensure peace and stability in Manipur,” Menamparampil said, “it is also our own collective responsibility to get over our negative feelings, and search for ways of respectful conversation, forgiveness and reconciliation.”

“May this ‘Sense of Collective Responsibility’ be awakened in the hearts of all concerned”, wished the octogenarian prelate. 

The Vaishnavite leaders’ decision has drawn much public attention. The number of visitors to the site are steadily increasing. 

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