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NCHISF threatens for 100 hours or indefinite NC Hills Bandh

The NC Hills Indigenous Students' Forum shall be compelled to call for 100 hours or even indefinite NC Hills Bandh in the near future, unless their prayer was given a due consideration by the authority concerned as they are demanding the bifurcation of NC Hills district into two Autonomous Districts under the provision of 3(c) 3 of Articles 244(2) & 275(1) of the Sixth Schedule to the Constitution of India, stated through a press release circulated in a press meet held at Cultural Institute Hall, Haflong on Wednesday, July 23.

While heartily welcoming the on-going CBI Inquiry into the multi-crore scam in NC Hills, the NC Hills Indigenous Students' Forum demanded that the inquiry be done relating to the matter w.e.f. 2001, and that all the politician, bureaucrats, contractors, suppliers, individuals etc. involved in the scam be arrested immediately and they be booked in accordance to the law of the land The release stated that Forum had been compelled to form by the circumstances to enable the Indigenous People of the NC Hills District to live in the atmosphere of political and economic freedom and corruption free society. The Forum was deeply concerned about the on-going CBI Inquiry into the multi-crore scam in the NC Hills District. Therefore, it earnestly puts forward the below noted prayer to the concerned authority to bring about the fulfillment of its crying Demand.

The Dimasa Mothers' Association was crying for the release of Mr. Jewel Gorlosa and other accused persons who were in custody of the Police, the NCHISF argued where were the DMA when Army, CRPs & State Police persons and innocent Govt. Servants and Publics were gunned down in cold blood? Why didn't they raise their voice when hundreds were killed? Instead, why are they raising their voice for their unconditional release?

The release continued that everyone should be aware of the root cause of this 1000 crore scam. This gigantic amount was siphoned off with understanding between Political Leaders, Govt. Servants and underground elements. Many high up bureaucrats were bound to be involved. Because of this, renaming of NC Hills was done in hurry. The money for the development of the people was being used for killing and ultimately renaming NC Hills into a tribe specific district Therefore, NCHISF prayed that CBI should dig deeper so that those involved in selling-off the rights of the indigenous peoples be booked irrespective of their Govt. and Political position.

The employees of the district have been unfortunately made the victims of the scam indirectly by not paying them of their salaries by siphoning their budgets to the militant and few people. It was earnestly prayed to the authority concerned to kindly arrange the salaries for the State and the Council Employees in the earliest possible date, and release their up to date salaries to them. They liked to swear that no person under the IFF community is involved in the multi-crore scam in the NC Hills District. The change of the NC Hills District's nomenclature after the dialect of one particular community was the outcome of this multi-crore scam. They honestly feel that it was impossible to live under the regime of the corrupted politicians and the self centered community, the release concluded.

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