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Black Monday, what next?

Assam buys yet another bad name. A farmer died after self-immolation attempt in Dispur on Monday. That too because of land patta. The man in the centre of shock is Pramode Boro. The 45 year old carpenter by profession from Gorchuk took this extreme and unprecedented step sending shockwaves across the state. It was on Monday. The clock struck at 9-50. All of a sudden, he got down from a vehicle in front of Dispur state secretariat. Immediately after landing in the public place, Pramod whose dress was wet with kerosene set himself on fire with the match he had in his pocket in full view of the security forces. Immediately after it blazing fire engulfed him entirely. Blankets and water were used to extinguish the fire. But by then he sustained 100 per cent burn injury to be sent to the GMCH. Despite best possible treatment, the end came at 4-28 in the afternoon.

KMSS, which has been spearheading the movement for the landless lot has been dead opposed to the idea of distribution of land pattas for only 500 people from a list of 62,000 applicants. They did not want 500 pattas to be distributed on Monday. They held several rounds of talks with the government. But there was hardly any outcome. Both KMSS and Dispur refused to listen each other. That’s the problem that darkened the face of democratic agitation in the capital city on Monday a day before the much-hype visit of Rahul Gandhi. Morning was very brisk for the security personnel deployed to deal with any eventuality. Protesters were blocked in various entry points to the city as a precautionary measure.

Much to the utter inconvenience for the commuters, the city buses were not allowed to move on their regular routes. But media people were deployed in some vulnerable points in view of the KMSS decision on a massive protest to foil the Chief Minister’s programme at the Sankardev Kalakhetra.

"I was strolling and all of a sudden, I saw a man shouting from behind a vehicle parked onroadside near the railings adjoined to Police station side and then running in flames" Said Sanjay Bora, a National media Camera person.

"I guess he had set himself on fire behind the parked Bus and a truck and then came out shouting", he added. Assam Chief Minister, Tarun Gogoi, condemned the self immolation incident, and said if possible legal action would be taken. "What mistake we have done that such things should be done, we will give land rights to the people and the process have started, but we cannot allot land in forest lands and wetlands, even the central government won,t agree to it" Said Gogoi after he had come out attending a the function.

Now its time for blame game. Dispur blames it all on KMSS leadership while the peasant body along with the various political parties, organizations and individuals held the government responsible for it.

Chief Minister Gogoi announced that his government would give Bodo’s family best possible compensation. He further ordered a high level administrative probe to unearth the truth behind this tragic chapter. But who is responsible? Is it Dispur for refusing to bend? Or the KMSS leadership who allegedly instigated its activists to take this extreme step to extract mileage thereof?

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AGP unification rally to be held at Golaghat

5 Oct 2008 - 4:06pm | Ritupallab Saikia
Preparation is going on war footing for the 23rd foundation day and unification rally of Asom Gana Parishad, which is going to be held on 14th October at Golaghat. It is to be mention here that AGP was founded on 14th October 1985 at Golaghat by the then leadership of Assam movement after signing of the Assam accord. This unification has been a long awaited one and the party workers as well as the well-wishers of the regional party sincerely hope that this rally will yield a new chapter in the political arena of Assam. On that day AGP(P), TGP and PLP which have split from the AGP earlier will come together and merge in to one powerful AGP. Speaking to the media persons at a press meet, Atul Bora, spokesperson of AGP said that a three hundred member strong reception committee have been formed for the rally having Mr. Prabin Kumar Gogoi as the Chief Convener, Atul Bora as President and Dr. Nripen Baruah as General Secretary. The venue of the rally will be named after Late Bhrigu Kumar Phukan and the gateway will be named after Late Mohendra Nath Saikia, President, Reception Committee of AGP convention held at 1985. The organizers are expecting a gathering of about fifty thousand on that day.

Endangered Greater Adjutant stork released

23 Mar 2013 - 9:34am | Purnima Devi Barman

Three endangered Greater Adjutant stork juveniles namely Monalisa, Rima and Lulu  were released on March 22 at Dadara, about 12 kms off Guwahati by Kamrup SP Partha Sarathi Mahanta.  After the release programme one more chick Saru was released by villagers in Dadara who rescued it  and hand raised for two days in the village itself. The three birds  fallen from their nests in Dadara – world’s biggest nesting site for the species, were rescued and hand-raised under Kokrajhar Rescue Center, WTI. Assam is the largest nesting ground for this bird, of which only about 1000-1200 mature individuals remain as per IUCN Red List estimates.

“I highly  appreciate the local villagers and NGOs for doing such commendable effort for wildlife conservation. Attending such events rejuvenated my mind and I appeal evry official to help such NGOs, Researchers to strengthen their work “ said Mr. Mahanta .  “The Brahmaputra floodplain is the main stronghold for the Greater adjutants. The nesting sites are scattered here, but Dadara has more than 100 nesting trees, which makes it perhaps the biggest nesting site in the country and maybe in the world,” said Dr Rathin Barman of WTI.

Loss of nesting trees remain one of the major threats to these storks. They are also threatened by chicks falling off the nests, the intensity of which increases with over-crowding.  

Supported by the Charities Aid Foundation, WTI provided the grant to Paresh Das, a local school headmaster, who had proposed the RAP to save chicks fallen off their nests under the guidance of Purnima Devi Barman, Coordinator , Greater Adjutant Conservation programme , Aaranyak who is extensively working for conservation of  Adjutant Stork in Dadara since 2009.

“ Nets were placed under nesting trees to break the fall of the chicks. Once rescued, they were transported to IFAW-WTI run CWRC (Centre for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation) Transit Home in Kokrajhar for hand-raising”. Said a local youth Diapk.

“More than 40storks die annually in Dadara, mostly juvenile that have fallen off their nests. With the support of local NGOs and medical attention provided by IFAW-WTI, this year we are successful in saving a good number of them,” said Das, who is also involving his students to not just help him with the project, but also to spread awareness among them.

“An identification mark has been engraved on the released birds. Post-release monitoring will be carried out for next three month. We will help in monitoring the birds” said Research Scholar – Purnima.  Purnima who has done Greater Adjutant Survey in Assam and Cambodia last month said that Dadara has the largest number of world’s population which she will be publishing through a scientific paper very soon. Scientists from Willdlife conservation society, Cambodia who is working on Greater Adjutant stork population   in Cambodia has joined  hands with Purnima to write this scientific publicatioion.

IFAW-WTI veterinarian Dr Panjit Basumatary who looked after the birds, said, “The released chicks weigh 9, 10 and 12 kgs respectively and were healthy during release. They immediately flew off following the release and landed on the fields and started browsing.”

The programme was  organized by Purnima Devi Barman, Aaranyak and Paresh Das from Sankardev sishu Niketan, Dadara.


SIP’s Abacus Brain Gym launch in Nagaon

30 Aug 2010 - 12:42am | DigantaTalukdar

SIP’s Abacus, Brain Gym & Speed writing training centre was launched in Nagaon with a demonstration programme at Christ Jyoti School in Nagaon town on Saturday. A general knowledge test along with Sit & Draw competition was organized among the students studying from Class I to Class VII. The demonstration on the concept of the programme was conducted by Subhajit Mallick, the regional manager of eastern circle for SIP Abacus and Brain Gym. It was quite amazing when Master Bedanta Khatri, a forth standard student of Kolkatta demonstrated the actual calculation using his virtual memory without the help of any electronic calculating machine. Master Khatri, who had completed the 8th level of Abacus training course, answered any calculation within a fraction of second without any instrument mesmerized the students and the teachers attended the program.

It is to be mentioned that SIP ACADEMY, Malaysia, an internationally acclaimed Organization, dedicated to the cause of developing the mental potential of school going children in the age group of 6 to 12. This Brain Development programme includes training in Abacus; Brain Gym & Speed Writing is highly acclaimed in the World. The brain development programme is successfully running in almost all the states in the country through more than 535 learning centers with over 105000 students of various reputed schools enjoying the benefits of our programme as told to media by Mr.Tarunava Dutta, Head of SIP –Assam. On its launching day, more than 87 students joined the academy.