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Trader shot dead in Guwahati

GUWAHATI: Yet another shoot out leaves the city of Guwahati an unsafe zone for the denizens to live these days. Miscreants shot dead a businessman in the heart of the premier north eastern city triggering shock and anger among the trading fraternity on Wednesday.
The incident took place at 9 in the evening at Kailashnagar in Hatigaon. As Hemant Chaurasia, the pulse trader was on his way back to home, four miscreants' riding on two bikes halted him and pump several rounds of bullets with a 9mm pistol. Then they vanished amid deepening darkness.
Hemant died minutes after the attack forcing police to fan in and around the area in search of the miscreants'.
City traders have condemned the incident and alleged utter failure of security forces to ensure safety and security.
Guwahati police commissioner, Hiren Nath who reached the spot told reporters that operation is on to nab the miscreants and that the miscreants took the advantage of the darkness on the street.

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NEC meet discusses development in the region

8 Sep 2019 - 7:34pm | AT News

Assam Governor Prof. Jagdish Mukhi said that North Eastern Council (NEC) should play a proactive role in undertaking more research work in generating more employment avenues to help the youth of the region to be absorbed in meaningful vocations.

Sharing his observations as the Governor of the state, Prof. Mukhi caught the attention of the august gathering and presented a canvas of avenues where NEC can undertake research activities and pump in investment for generating large scale employment avenues in the region. He said that bamboo is found abundantly in the state and with the new technology and markets emerging for the new bamboo products, it can be commercially exploited with great success. He also said that tourism, tea industry, handloom and ethnic cuisine are some of the sectors where NEC can fund research to find out prospective avenues to absorb the youth forces.  

Thanking NEC for holding its plenary in Guwahati the Governor said, “It is a great opportunity for all the North Eastern States to come together and introspect on the development initiatives taken up in each NE States and augur a conducive atmosphere for future growth. The Council has striven to serve the needs of the North Eastern states through its focus on special circumstances and needs. Despite many constraints, it has assisted in the planning and development efforts of the states of the Region. I am positive that the deliberations during this plenary meeting and the decisions reached by the Council would help in achieving even more meaningful contribution towards faster socio- economic development of the North East Region”.

The Governor also put it forward that North Eastern Region of the country has the maximum number of international borders apart from its disadvantage of being the land locked region. Despite all these strengths and weaknesses of the North Eastern Region, it should be admitted that the Region has enormous potentials to be developed as one of the prosperous regions in the Country. Assam is strategically located in the North East and Guwahati is the gateway to the North Eastern Region. It is needless to mention that any development projects taken up in Assam, would as a natural corollary ensure that the benefits accrue to other states as well. Hence projects having multi-state impact should be given higher priority by the Ministry of DoNER for funding through NEC. For all round development of NE region, support from NEC is of utmost importance. Therefore, pending any further decision, I would urge upon the Ministry of DoNER and the NEC to continue providing financial assistance to the developmental programmes of the State beyond March, 2020.

The Governor also said that NEC should lay stress on developing connectivity of the region through airways, roadways, railways and waterways. “I would like to call upon the Ministry to develop trade and economic links since there are close historical and cultural ties between the people of the North East and those of the nations of South East Asia in terms of culture, language, history, commerce and environment. These needs to be strengthened by ending the economic isolation of the region through opening of the border trade which will enable development of markets for primary commodities, industrial products and surplus agricultural produce and to facilitate cultural and tourism related interactions with its international neighbours. The “Act East Policy” which is an integral part of the NER Vision, 2020 lays emphasis to improve trade ties with Bangladesh along with the countries in the east such as Myanmar, Thailand and Malaysia and this should be brought to its meaningful conclusion.

Governor Prof. Mukhi also observed that Assam is strategically located and there has been considerable growth in Agriculture & Allied Sector. Mechanization, assured irrigation, rise in fertilizer consumption, use of HYV (High Yielding Variety) seeds and soil treatment are the priority areas of the state. He advocated that there is need to lay emphasis on agricultural growth and acceleration in horticulture, floriculture, spices and organic farming along with creation of adequate non-farm activities.

The Governor also said that NEC should take the opportunity by investment in making North East an organic hub of Asia with adequate focus on the Animal Husbandry and Veterinary sector of the state.

Stating that flood and erosion problems faced by Assam in each and every year need to be tackled seriously and therefore, urged upon the NRC for taking projects under Water Resource sector for finding a lasting and tangible solution to flood and erosion. He also requested NEC for sustainable backing for Assam to reach the desired levels of growth and development as envisioned in the NER Vision 2020.

Thermal power replacement project facing uncertainty

20 Nov 2017 - 8:54pm | Akshaya Pranab Kalita

NAMRUP:Two back to back incidents have brewed no less trouble for the Namrup-based thermal power plant at a time when power shortage has been plauging the north east Indian state. The incidents in question took place in the thermal power replacement plant which BHEL started construction eight years back.

The first setback for the ₹560 crore project took place in September where a ravaging fire broke out under mysterious circumstances. That too just a couple of weeks before it was to be formally commissioned.

The last incident took place on November 6 where the vital power generating part remained totally paralyzed in the 100 me power generating plant.

Talking to Assam Times, sources said both the incidents took place under mysterious circumstances where machines worth ₹200 crore were damaged and nobody knows when these would be restored.

But the authorities have been maintaining a stoic silence. Despite repeated questions, managing director Kalyani Baruah refused to divulge anything in detail and pleaded ignorance. Instead, she tried to downplay the entire subject.

Sources further raised doubts on the role of a section of employees who could have sabotaged the plant since the timing of both the ravaging incidents were mysterious.

The chief minister was appraised of the progress for fixing a date to formally commission it. The the fire originated forcing the authority to reschedule the date to December 3. Again the second incident took place on November 6 leaving the entire project in a state of dire uncertainty. Is it a case of calculated conspiracy? 

Rare bird rescued at Orangajuli TE

7 Aug 2009 - 7:53am | Jayanta Kumar Das

One rare species of bird belonging to Cuckoo family has been rescued at Orangajuli tea estate on the morning of August 7.Nature loving Ananta Bagh CEO of Green Valley Forest and Wildlife Protection Society, Nonaipara (near Indo-Bhutan border) had found the injured bird while he was traveling through the garden roads. The bird measuring 10 inches of length with one broken leg, was taken to the Gariajhar veterinary dispensary for treatment.In the absence of the doctor, other staff members arranged first aid to the bird before it was taken to Nonai forest Range Office.Range Officer,Haladhar Kalita received the injured bird. He thanked Ananta Bagh and assured him that proper treatment would be arranged before letting it go free. According to him,the bird belonged to cuckoo family. Journalist and lecturer of Tangla college,Debanga Mahaliya latter identified the bird to be a lesser cuckoo found in the Himalayan and Tibet region.