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Bhutanese Orange flood in Bazars

Kokrajhar: Present day season is regarded as day of Orange fruit’s production which are finding in all market or bazaar across the state.

The Orange fruit, produced in neighboring Bhutan country is presently flooding attractive as well capturing all bazars, including Kokrajhar bazar as Bhutanese Orange fruits have an extra sweetness to consume which attracts customers’ hearts.

Hundreds of women folk from Karigaon in Kokrajhar and Shyamtaibari of Chirang districts in BTAD area are working on Orange trading job in the market or bazars in Kokrajhar district and its adjoining areas since November month. The Organge are supplying from Takri and Gelephu of Bhutan country via Shyamtaibari to Kokrajhar and Chirang district.

Neighboring Bhutan country is popularly known as Land of Orange and so Orange fruits are supply to the nearby districts of the lower Assam region as well BTAD districts. Bhutanese Orange fruit’s sweetness and colors are not familiar to the other region’s produce fruits because its attraction is exceptional on its shape and quality.

 Women Orange traders’ from India purchases the orange fruits at high rate on its production markets which bears different rates on different size as well qualities of the fruit’s on its selling markets.

On the market category, the fruits are sold at Phon system at Bhutanese markets which consists of eighty fruits in a Phon. The rates bear varied rate per Phon on size as well quality which starts,Rs.400,500,550 etc. Indian traders rushed at the Bhutanese markets to purchase Orange fruits to sell in Indian market or bazaars.

Citizens/customers in Kokrajhar bazaar thronging at the bazaars to buy orange fruits as Bhutanese orange have an extra sweetness to consume. Traders are being sold the oranges at varied prices, which starts four fruits at Rs.50 (big size), five fruits at Rs.50 (small size), and dozen at Rs.140 etc.

Customers express their happy to buy orange fruits because Bhutanese Orange has a sweetness to consume in today’s season. Present season is seeing Orange’s season. Huge quantities of Oranges are being supplying from Bhutanese markets/bazaars in Indian bazaars.




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