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Awareness on Animal transportation

JBF (INDIA) TRUST, commonly known as JBF (Just Be Friendly), an Animal Welfare Organization has organised an awareness campaign at the Guwahati-Shillong taxi stand in Khanapara early morning today. The campaign was regarding a case of puppy transportation from Guwahati to Shillong through the local taxis.

The above mentioned case was informed to JBF by a well wisher on 15th May. According to the information two puppies were carried by a taxi from Guwahati to Shillong in a very unsuitable manner (inside the diggi).When the well wisher who was also a passenger of the same taxi enquired the driver regarding the puppies, the driver simply replied that the puppies were used to it and they travel in this way only which indicates that this kind of transportation of puppies is happens in continuous manner.

For this serious issue JBF team members have visited the taxi stand and discussed the matter with the Asst. secretary of ‘All Guwahati drivers Union’ as well as the taxi drivers. In this interaction process JBF team members have also spread the awareness regarding proper animal transportation. According to Animal Transportation Act an animal may only be transported by a means of transport and in transport conditions where the transport does not cause any undue pain, distress or suffering to the animal.

Lakhyadhar Deka, Asst. secretary of All Guwahati Tourist Taxi Drivers Union along with couple of taxi drivers have actively cooperated in the discussion with JBF team members. Later on they have assured that if they witness any of such incidents taking place in future then they will inform JBF.

Through this press release JBF wants to spread the word that not only dogs but all the animals should not be carried in such an unsuitable manner which causes them suffering and pain.

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