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Fake nursing schools galore in Udalguri

UDALGURI : With the surge of number of students opting for  para-medical studies,there have been mushrooming growth of fake institutions across the Udalguri district. Two of such nursing institutes have grabbed everyone’s attention after the Assam Nursing Council in a report have listed one of them to be non-affilated institute.According to reports,Neevadita Sevapeeth a Rangia based nursing training institute with branches in Baihata Charali in Kamrup and Udalguri town which was in the list is nopt affiliated to either Assam Nursing Council or Indian Nursing Council. The director of the institute said,we are registered as a society and we offer a diploma course auxillary nursing which doesn’t require such affiliation however some students of the institute claimed that they were assured of government services during admission. 

“Our head office is in Rangia we offer short courses on Anatomy,Gynaecolgy and First Aid but regarding affiliation I am unaware “ , said Bandan Das staff of the Udalguri centre while adding that the institute is running from past three years and as many as 60-70 students are enrolled at present.

While another such institute which is yet to start its service  under the name of Nursing  Training Centre,Tangla has come up in Tangla town in the district, which is seeking admission for various paramedical courses including ANM,GNM,Pharmacy, Labatory courses. Surprisingly this institution is not registered anywhere neither Assam Nursing Council or Indian Nursing Council. On being contacted the director of the institute who is interestingly from Rangia of Kamrup(R) stated that it is unrecognized  and the training centre is not authorized but claimed that process for its affiliation is underway.“I have learnt existence of such institutes from media reports,but regarding their affiliation and authorization  I don’t have any information. But if we receive any written complaint I will definetly enquire and act as per procedural norms ” Joint Director of Health and Services, Udalguri Dr., Tayebur Rahman told The Sentinel.The Assam Nursing Council authorities couldn't be reached for comments. 

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Recipient of The Annual Colosseum Awards 2014 & 2015 (by The Assam Tribune group), Shajid Khan is a journalist based in Tangla.In his stint of journalistic experience he has contributed numerous political, socio-political stories for bountiful national,international as well as Assam based publications. He also pens down analytic commentary on print and web based publications.

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Violence mars Barak valley bandh

2 Jul 2012 - 1:56am | editor

The mob attack on Rumi Nath brewed an orgy of violent in Barak valley on Sunday where at least 10 people have been injured. Police resorted to lathicharge when supporters of the MLA enforced a 12 hour bandh in the Barak valley. Tension is simmering in Barak Valley over the assault of the MLA and her second husband Jacky Zakir as violence was reported from several areas.

Five persons suspected to have been involved in the attack on the woman MLA have been arrested from in Karimganj. Bandh supporters in large number pelted stones and damaged two buses of the Assam State Transport Corporation in Karimganj. Eight minority organisations, including Ahl-e-Sunnat, called for a 12-hour bandh in Hailakandi district on Sunday.

Long queue in front of NRC centres

1 Jan 2018 - 2:14pm | AT News

GUWAHATI: Altogether 2500 NRC centres are teeming with hundreds of people who are lined up to catch a glimpse of their names in the first updated NRC draft a day after the Registrar General of India in Guwahati. From early in the morning these people started waiting in the serpentine queue in front of the Seva Kendras where the employees helped them check out their names.

 Some others in the semi urban areas are lined up infront of the cyber cafes to check their names in the NRC draft. “I came here early in the morning to check my name in the updated NRC and I got immense joy as I found out my name with the help an official at the NRC,” said Tularam Bora at Rangajan in Titabor.

 Rajani Gogoi in Sivasagar could not find out his name in the updated NRC draft as he tried to check it at the specified website. “ I tried to check my name as I browsed the website. I could not find out. I am not disappointed at all. My name would be there in the next updated draft. That’s not an issue. But I don’t want the name of even a single illegal settler in the list,” said Gogoi in the Phukan Nagar area in the town.        

Many people have erupted in joy on Friday we hours after they find out their names on the internet while some others shared the joy as they started receving SMS from the NRC authorities. Registrar General of India Sailesh along with coordinator Prateek Hajela released the first updated NRC draft at a crowded press conference in Guwahati at 00.00. The first draft contains the names of 1.9 crore Indian citizens living in Assam out of more than 3 crore applicants.  


‘Busu’ mirrors rich culture of Dimasa

31 Jan 2012 - 3:36pm | Anup Biswas

After 36 years, ‘Hangsao Busu’ is being celebrated at Guaidisa, 60 Km from Haflong truly with tradition and customs of the festival from January 27th, wherein Sri Bijoendra Sengyung, Executive Member, Dima Hasao Autonomous Council also take part along with others. In several places of Haflong like Dibarai, Digrik, Town Rajee, Boildura and Gdain Rajee also ‘Busu’ was celebrated with great enthusiasm.

Busu is one of most important and biggest festivals celebrated by the Dimasa people. 'Busu' means the festival of eating newly grown autumnal rice, and so it could be considered as the harvesting festival too, which mirrors the rich culture and tradition of the Dimasa community.

Dimasa people observe 'Busu' by arranging feasts and various cultural functions. 'Busu' is celebrated in three different ways, namely Jidab, Surem, and Hangsaomanouba. 'Jidab' is the simplest form of 'Busu'. Surem is a celebration which lasts for three nights. 'Surem' Busu is celebrated frequently where as 'Hangsaoinanaoba' is celebrated occasionally as it requires large amount of money and manpower. Generally the expenses of the ‘Busu’ are borne by the villagers. There is a custom in Dimasa community where the people collectively help others in cultivation without taking wages for the work. But they collect rice or paddy after harvesting to celebrate 'Busu'.

When the community decides to celebrate 'Hangsaomanaoba', a separate plot of land is cultivated and from which the expenses for the celebration is taken. The 'Surem Busu' lasts for three days while the 'Hangsaomanaoba' lasts for seven days. Both the 'Busu' ' should end either on Tuesday or Saturday as these days are considered to be auspicious by the Dimasa Community.

On 'Bususataiba', the first day of the Busu, meat is distributed to every household. 'Busuma', the second day, the boys with older men sing 'Bagaoba', welcoming the guests. The 'Kunang', village headman, sings a devotional song, seeking blessings on behalf of the villagers from Lord Siva, so that the villagers could spend the festive days with joy and merry-making. Traditional games and sports are also organized during the ‘Busu’.

The boys and girls perform dances and sing songs during these days. They beat drums named 'Khram', play pipes called 'murri', flutes-'supin' and 'Khram dubung'. Playing of 'murri' should be continued from the beginning of 'Busu' till the last day of the festival. ‘Judima’ (Rice beer) pork, chicken, fish are enjoyed during the ‘Busu’. Thus the ‘Busu’ symbolizes the unity and coexistence among the people of Dima Hasao.