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Epedemic skin disease attacks Mahendraganj area of Garo Hills

While mainland India prepares for its 5 trillion dollar economy, in the remote areas of Mahendraganj, in the Northeastern state of Meghalaya, we find village Communities which are almost untouched by urban life. In Mahendraganj a larger number of people are suffering from skin diseases that affect entire households.

On 16th August 2019, I came to know about this problem because few of the girls working in our Apparel making Production Centre at Mahendraganj were suffering from skin infection. When asked about it, they reported that the problem is very huge and almost everyone in the villages is suffering from this problem. Then I visited three villages and found that large number of families are affected. I took photographs of villagers suffering from skin infection. Most family members are affected and in each family: men, women, children, lactating mothers, all are affected. These are simple village folk and they don't even know whom to approach for help. They simply suffer in silence or use some creams etc prescribed by the medical shops, who have no idea about the disease. In such backward areas, the administration needs to be proactive, which doesn't appear to be the case. The situation is simply alarming. The photographs take by me are uploaded.

These rural areas of India Bangladesh border are in need of medical care and require proper tools to take action for various health issues. Modern medical care is a luxury that few can afford in this area. Govt/ NGO agencies need to be active here.

Lack of awareness of hygiene and education has had its impact on the young and old. It has gotten to the point where it has effected large population of Mahendraganj. Poor education has kept their opportunities low. These people need an equal opportunity to get the help they need, especially in times of urgency.

The lack of hygiene among rural communities has led to a high mortality rate in these areas. There is an urgent need for help and support to these people. They need proper medical facilities and awareness for hygiene. Please help them to recover from skin infection. We are looking for anyone who can donate, help and get involved to change the lives of the people in Mahendraganj.

Please contact
VASU (Voluntary Association for Social Upliftment)
Phone: +91 9435147695 or email us at

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