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Black Widow still fans terror

Guwahati :Blood still oozes atop the North Cachar hills with the report of two more killings at the hands of the dreaded Black Widow on Thursday.

According to information received, the anti peace process Black Widow militants shot dead two persons in two separate incidents on Thursday in the hills district.

The militants killed a cadre of Dima Halam Daogah, a rival militant outfit which is now in ceasefire with the Centre. The rival militants shot dead the DHD cadre Laleh Khelma at his residence at around
12.30 pm at a village called Chouddha Kilo under Umrangshu police station on Thursday. Police say Mr Khelma was a close associate of DHD chairman Dilip Nunisa.

Notably, the Black Widow group broke away from the DHD group opposing the truce pact it signed with the Centre which is responsible for a series of bloody internecine clashes in the hill district.

In yet another incident, suspected Black Widow militants killed a teacher, Mannan Hussain, with
Dibarai High School in Haflong, at around 12 noon on Thursday. The militants killed him near the school in the town It is suspected to be case of cash deal while he was called over telephone.

Immediately after the incident, top ranked police officials rushed to the spot for investigation. No one has so far been rounded up
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Lampi: torn in between ‘development’ and loyalty

Stockpile of electric posts for Rajiv Gandhi Rural Electrification Scheme have been for months at Upper Lampi
25 Apr 2013 - 2:00pm | Chandan Kumar Duarah
No doubt, it is one of the most beautiful places in the state of Assam, India. Lampi or Langpih—as the Khasi people calls it—is a hamlet cradled in the hilly terrains of Assam bordering Meghalaya,a neighbouring state. Surrounded by hills where the humming of cascading streams fills the silence, Lampi is yet to witness the boons and banes of a modern life. So pollution, thankfully, is absent. But also absent are the basic amenities like health services, schools, electricity, good cooking fuel, sanitation and nutrition that deprive its residents of the rights which are constitutionally guaranteed to them. 

With a population of about eleven thousand, mostly Nepalis and Khasis, Lampi falls under the Boko sub division of Kamrup district in Assam. Agriculture and live stock rearing continue to be the mainstay of its people. Jhum or shifting cultivation is still prevalent. However, in the recent years much of Lampi’s forests are gone.

The road condition from Boko to Lampi is beyond description and so there is no regular bus service. People hire pick-up vans when they travel from Lampi Bazar to Boko and vice versa. One has to stand all the twenty kilometers distance. The business center is the Lower Lampi Bazar, with hardly 10 shops around. A marbled inscription constantly reminds the residents the day when the state health and education minister inaugurated the programme of road construction. Arjun Sarma, a local youth from Boko said that a total amount of Rs 12 crore was allotted for the construction project. But five years down the line, it is still the old kuchha road.

Electric posts without cables stand as lonely sentinels by the roadside all the way from Boko to Lampi. From Lower Lampi to Upper Lampi, such posts are seen lying in stockpile. Electricity or no electricity, contractors meanwhile collected their cheques issued under the scheme--Rajiv Gandhi Gramin Vadyutikaran Yojona (RGGVJ)--alleges Dipak Sarma, a youth leader. Same is the story with the rural water supply scheme.

The Lower Lampi Middle English School established in 1988 with 65 students awaits provincialization. Chandra Sarma, the headmaster said that he and his six assistant teachers are yet to get their salary. It is been two decades now that these six teachers are providing services without any salary. After passing out the VIIth standard, students have to move out of Lampi to Boko or other distant places for their admission in a high school.  Omprakash Shirish  is another teacher working in Brindaban Lower Primary School at Makaribari village in Lampi for 27 seven years without any government assistance.

The apathy shown by the Assam Government has meanwhile encouraged a section of local leaders to be more inclined towards the Meghalaya administration. This camaraderie grew in recent times so much so that Meghalaya started calling Lampi as a part of its own territory and asked the Khasi community of Lampi to cast their vote in the Meghalaya state election. This has been the reason for the turmoil in Lampi a few years back. Meanwhile, the bordering neighbor started grabbing land in Lampi .Vast stretches of forestland cleaned overnight and the neighboring administration started implementing schemes meant for Meghalaya in Assam’s Lampi to attract the Khasi community’s vote. The Meghalaya Government went a step further and started issuing land pattas to the people living along the border.  Now they are trying to woo these people with basic facilities like electricity and water.

It is to be seen in the near future, whether it is loyalty to the state or electricity and drinking water that wins over the residents of Lampi!

Foolproof security at LGBI Airport

1 Aug 2008 - 6:48pm | Nanda Kirati Dewan
With barely two weeks to embrace 62nd independence day, this correspondent today visited the Lokpriya Gopinath International Airport in order to take note of security system in the airport in the wake of the Independence Day. Security in the airport has been beefed up and no persons are allowed to enter the airport with hand bags other than passengers. While the passenger is also cautioned and checked at the entrance point Even this correspondent was refused at the entrance for possessing a hand bag and a camera for which he was detained for more than 15 mints. After making several requests to the on duty Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) personnel, he was allowed to enter the waiting lobby but strictly warned against shooting inside or outside for best reasons known to them but when enquired they replied for security reasons. Security system in the airport is reported to be satisfactory though passengers may be facing a little harassment due to crowded security points and at the entrance. Additional CISF jawans have been deployed in various places in the airport area to monitor the movements of the people.

A US resident speaking to this correspondent said that they had a tough time undergoing so many security checks in the airport. Not only in Guwahati security has been a major concern for almost all the International airports of India after the serial blast in the IT hub city.

Recently in Surat several bombs were recovered from public places and diffused. The incident has questioned the sincerity of Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), told a Bangalore bound student while his parents were tearful bidding him good bye. Later when asked is your son going away from you for the first time, the father replied that he fears of either the plane being hijacked or blow off with a powerful blast.

This correspondent interrogated groundsman, passengers people waiting in the lobby and security personnel all agreed that Independence month and Republic they remain extremely busy to handle. Even Airport Authority of India (AAI) personnel were all around the waiting and check in lobby with walky-talky continuously keeping vigil over slightest suspicious matter. All airline operators also have also strictly directed its groundsman, flight steward and airhostess to maintain security concern.

Meanwhile well placed sources informed Assam Times that adequate security demands have been made at the Rupnath Brahma Inter State Bus Terminal (ISBT) at Gorchuk. The authorities have asked for deployment of special branch personnel with metal detector. It is pertinent to mention here the ISBT started to operate from this July itself. ISBT currently is operating more than 300 buses and the number would increase as Adabari and Machkhowa bus terminals are also supposed to be merged with ISBT.

Raha experiencing poor mobile service

8 Aug 2010 - 2:55am | Dibya J Borthakur

Mobile telephone services throughout Raha have degraded from bad to worse resulting in untold suffering and hardship experienced by the mobile customers for no fault of theirs.

Though Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL),Airtel,Aircel,Vodafone and Reliance are providing services at Raha besides other places of the state,but their service has only been annoying mobile customers of the Raha town for over a month.

It may be mentioned that in most of the places of the area , the network of any kind of service providers are still a distant dream. Although there are a good number of mobile towers in the area installed by the aforesaid mobile companies but in true sense , they have not been able to serve the purpose as mobile network is not accessible even within two km radious of any tower. The mobile customers of the area have demanded the authorities of the concering companies to promote better network service at an earliest.