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Shiksha Mitras teachers resisting TET teachers in Golaghat

On the one hand promises galore for TET qualified teachers and on the other hand hundreds of teachers appointed under Education Guarantee Scheme (EGS) as Shikshamitra are finding themselves on the verge of an uncertain future, reeling under broken promises made by the Government. Hundreds of Shikshamitras are demonstrating all over the state and pouring out their anguish on TET teachers by not letting them join in their jobs. Education Guarantee Scheme was started by the government to addresses the inaccessible habitation where there is no formal school within the radius of 1.5 km and at least 15-25 children of 6-14 years age group who are not going to school are available.

In exceptional cases remote habitations in hilly areas even for 10 children an EGS school can be opened. In Golaghat only TET qualified teachers were being prohibited from joining in 47 nos. of Lower Primary schools by Shikshamitras. The Shikshamitars were determined not to give up their posts to TET qualified teachers unless and until a permanent solution has been offered to them by the Government. As per the information there were a total of 544 appointments of TET qualified teachers in Golaghat in the first phase, out of which 43 teachers were remain absent from joining their duties due to various reasons. Out of the remaining 501 teachers, 47 teachers could not join their duties due to objection by the Shikshamitras. On the other hand the district elementary education office has started preparing a list of all these 47 schools and to submit it to the Deputy Commissioner.


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It has been very unfortunate on the part of the EGS teaching workers.The Government of Assam should not be indifferent to their attitude in terms of the interest of the EGS workers.They had been a great part in the Elemementary Education System and in motivating the minds of the school children.So,the onus is on the Government and its suitable schemes and policies involving the entire Elementary Education System to give a bloom of hope again to them.


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