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Poachers killed in encounter

Two poachers were killed and three others have been injured at an encounter in Kaziranga on Wednesday. The encounter took place in the Agaratali range in the wee hours. A gang of poachers started indiscriminate firing as they faced the forest guards patrolling on the spot. When the forest guards retaliated with firing, two poachers were killed on the spot. Two others managed to escape.

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Citizens of India-Pakistan stand-up for peace

8 Jan 2009 - 12:44pm | bobbyramakant

To confront the present war posturing between India and Pakistan, the citizens of both countries are launching a joint signature petition campaign on 9 January 2009, to voice their mandate against terrorism, war posturing and to promote mutual cooperation and peace. This signature petition campaign shall conclude on 8 February 2009, after which these signatures shall be handed over to the heads of both the nations along with other prominent stakeholders.

Citizens of both nations can also sign online here or by going to the following URL: indopak/petition.html

The petition states that the citizens of Pakistan and India demand that:

  • The Government of Pakistan and the Government of India should practice zero tolerance for religious extremism and terrorism in the interest of the very sustenance and prosperity of both the countries.
  • Recognising that the problem of terrorism in both the countries are qualitatively different, we urge both the governments to take all appropriate initiates to contain and root out the activities of all fanatic and terrorist groups and catch and punish perpetrators of any acts of terror in their respective countries to make the subcontinent safe and secure for all.
  • Both the governments should immediately set up a Joint Action and Investigative Agency for total cooperation and mutual assistance to address and overcome the problem of terrorism effectively and without any further delay.
  • War can never be a solution but the beginning of insurmountable problems for both the countries. Hence both the governments should desist from war posturing and immediately engage in meaningful and effective dialogue and actions to address the issue of terrorism and to resolve all other outstanding problems.
  • Both the Governments should follow in letter and spirit all the Conventions and Resolutions of UN and SAARC against terrorism and for cooperation to secure an atmosphere of mutual trust and holistic cooperation that alone could ensure security of all citizens and prosperity of the entire region.
  • We appeal to the media of both India and Pakistan to play a constructive role in this hour of crisis to propagate and strengthen positive attitudes for the resolution of all the outstanding problems and discourage escalation of conflict and adventurism that could jeopardize peace and prosperity of both the countries.

    "After 55 years of tense relations, just five years of sustained peace process between India and Pakistan was producing good results for all. Unfortunately, the terror attack in Mumbai suddenly changed the entire scenario and the tensions between India and Pakistan have once again reached dangerous levels that are detrimental to the interests of both the countries" said one of the organizers.

    "It is clear that a dependence on the political- bureaucratic- military establishments in both the countries may not lead to reduction in tensions but on the contrary, this nexus could possibly land us in a war. Role of the media of both the countries in the ongoing crisis is also not very heartening" added the organzers.

    In such a situation, assertion by the people and civil society groups of both the countries in favour of resolving the present crises through dialogue, cooperation and appropriate actions by both the governments to address terrorism and all other outstanding issues could influence the processes that are set in motion. The collective will of the people could certainly compel the establishments to adopt peaceful and appropriate processes to address all the issues and bring back normalcy.

    In India, the following organizations have endorsed the campaign: Arya Samaj, ASHA Parivar, Bandhan, Bandhua Mukti Morcha, COVA, EKTA Parishad, Gandhian Integrated Forum Trust, Gram Vikas Manch, Hind- Pak Dosti Manch, Jana Sahayog, MUKTI, NACDOR, North East Network (NEN), Open Space, PUCAAR, Rupantar, SAHAI, Samarthan, SANGAT, SANSAD,Yuvsatta, Xavier Institute of Social Research, Yuva Samvad,

    In Pakistan, the following organizations have endorsed the campaign: All Pakistan Kisan Ittehad CYDA, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, India Pakistan Soldiers' Initiative for Peace, Lahore , Institute of Secular Studies, Labour Party Pakistan, Muttahida Labour Federation, Pakhtoonkhva Progressive Front, Pakistani Doctors for Peace & Development, PPC-Sindh, Pakistan Peace Coalition, Pakistan Peace and Solidarity Council, Pakistan Workers Confederation, PILER, SAP Pakistan, South Asian Idea, SDPI , Sungi Development Foundation, , Tehreek-I-Niswan, Women's Rights Association, Multan.

    (Website: http://www. indopakcampaignagainstwarnterr

    Rongali Bihu celebration at Bahrain

    29 Apr 2010 - 1:54pm | editor

    Rongali Bihu was celebrated at Bahrain with pomp and gaiety on 16th April at Hotel Phoenicia. The Assamese community at Bahrain, fondly called ‘Luitporia-Bahrainis’, started the preparation in all seriousness to make the celebration a grand success. The celebrations started with serving of Assamese delicacies specially prepared by the ladies at home.

    The cultural program was formally inaugurated by Ms Nivedita Dutta. The inaugural chorus marked the beginning of the cultural show. Melodious solo performance of popular Assamese numbers by Manisha, Saswati, Jumi and Bobby were highly appreciated by the audience. Dance to the Jyoti Sangeet Muraa Bhaarotora performed by Nibedita, RajLakshmi and Monita was the highlight of the evening. Budding musicians Angshumaan and Jyotishmaan kept the audience spell bound for a few moments. The loudest applauds of the evening was showered to a costume show performed by the little children aged between 1 to 10 years who enacted the various ethnic groups of Assam through their costumes. They were Renee, Angshuman, Aryan, Snigdha, Reet, Jyotishmaan, Geet, Abhik, Amu, Tanisha, Emon, Raina and Ipshita. A chorus to the famous Bhupen Hazarika number ‘Axom Aamar Rupohi was sung by the same children. A game show, conducted by Pinky, took everyone’s breath away with her with and wit.

    A bihu medley, sung by Manisha, Biman, Pinky, Hemanta, Sangita and Amitabh was highly entertaining. Bihu dance to a popular number, performed by Moromi, Riti, Manisha and Jumi marked the end of the cultural evening . Ujjwal, Arnab and Raju were the musicians supporting the singers throughout the show. The stage and the hall had excellent decoration to compliment the festival and the credit goes to Ankur and Amitabh, Pradip, Ujjwal and Nivedita.

    The cultural evening was co-hosted by Sanjib Changkakati and Saswati Borah who provided a true ‘Bihu Toli’ ambience with their wit and oratory. To quote a bachelor “I felt like enjoying a bihu function in Guwahati”. Vote of thanks was given by Layan Chandra Hazarika.

    The preparation for the Rongali Bihu Celebration is worth mentioning here. It all started sometime in mid-February by an email by our own Nita bou/ba/mami where she reminded that not many days are left for the bihu and it was time to tighten our belts and prepare. The enthusiastic Luitporia Bahrainis decided to meet in Central Café to jot down the modalities for the celebration. It was decided that Ujjwal and Arnab shall be in charge of the cultural aspects, Pradip and Amitabh for the infrastructure, Sanjib & Saswati will do the anchoring, Layan will do the Vote of Thanks. The ladies shall compliment in all aspects. The rehearsal sessions during the weekends were fun-filled and took place across the country to add local flavor to the show.

    The most enthusiastic lot were the pretty ladies of the land namely Moromi, Charu Prabha, Pori, Riti, Mimi, Jumi, Pinky, Sangita, Manisha, Monita, Sangita, Munmun, Nagma, Inky, Bobby & Vandana who not only managed their homes, but also actively took part in organizing the show.

    The celebrations ended with a sumptuous dinner serving Assamese culinary delights.

    The Luitporia Bahrainis re-live the 16th April through sharing of photographs, videos and analyzing the performances.

    The author, from a very reliable source, came to know that there will be a Bohagi Bidai! The show has just begun.

    Sanjib Changkakati

    Police constable killed in mishap

    15 Apr 2013 - 3:05pm | AT News
    A police constable was killed and three others injured the convoy of MLA hit a tree at Balijan near Jorhat on Monday.
    The mishap took place early in the morning when the three police constables were part of the security team of MLA from Mariani constituency Rupjyoti Kurmi.
    Constable Abdul Aziz was killed, while two other constables, Dadul Gogoi and Jitu, besides driver Mohan Tanti were seriously injured in the accident on the National Highway 37 at around 1:30 AM. The injured were rushed to the Jorhat Medical College hospital.