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Changing higher educational scenario in Northeast

Higher and technical educational scenario of the Northeastern region have been drastically changing from last five years. Although facilities of world class institutions are now available in the region itself, every year a large number of students from the region fall in the trap of not only fake institutions, but also some approved institutions without required facilities because of their colorful advertisements and aggressive marketing. Thus spake M Haque, the president of North East Forum for Technical Institutions while addressing the media recently in Guwahati.

The North East Forum for Technical Institutions (NEFTi) is the first of its kind initiative with an objective to work for coordination among all the private All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) approved Technical Institutions of Northeast India. Other objectives of the organization include improving the quality of technical education, stimulating the industrialization by providing world class technical manpower, providing a talent pool of budding engineers to prospective recruiters, publish scientific journals, organize inter-college competitions amongst the students of the member organizations for betterment of students, provide guidance and coaching facility for higher education and research etc; he added.

In addition to providing world class infrastructure and other facilities for quality technical education in the Northeast to promote brotherhood and friendship among all the AICTE approved technical institutions of the region, NEFTi has successfully organized NEFTi 20-Twenty cricket tournament, NEFTi football and NEFTi volleyball tournament during the year and 2012 and 2013.

The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), the statutory body of Govt of India that grants approval to the institutes to run the courses in management studies (post graduate) engineering, pharmacy, architecture, hotel management and catering etc; provided the institute affiliated to any university.

The AICTE and UGC warns time to time that the degrees and diplomas which are under preview of AICTE if not approved by them have no value in any respect. The courses cannot be run even from any temporary campus or from any rental premises. AICTE’s website that has tabulated about 300 plus such fake institutes. Maharashtra and Delhi have 75 fake institutes each. Andhra Pradesh comes next with 52 such institutes, followed by West Bengal (34), Uttar Pradesh (30), Karnataka (26), Haryana (17) and Tamil Nadu (14). A large number of such institutes are still unlisted and unnoticed by the AICTE and they all are misguiding students’ community.

The AICTE and UGC are helpless in curbing the mushroom growth of such institutes as it can only notify the list of institutes which are approved and therefore it is the responsibility of students and their parents to verify the authenticity of the institutions in visiting the AICTE website before taking admission into any institutions, Haque cautioned.

Even in Guwahati many such fake institutions are offering BE/B.Tech/MBA degrees and therefore students should be careful before taking admission. He advised to the aspiring students to visit the campus first to see the infrastructural facility, verify the documents like affiliation letter by the university and approval letter by the AICTE in the name of institute. However, if any university offers any course through its campus no separate affiliation is required. Students must visit both AICTE and the university websites time to time to get the necessary updates regarding institute concerned, he advised. NEDFi chief also advised the aspiring students to visit the campus first to see the infrastructural facility, verify the documents like affiliation letter by the university and approval letter by the AICTE in the name of institute. However, if any university offers any course through its campus, no separate affiliation is required. All the member institutions of NEFTi are AICTE approved world class institutions which are affiliated to different local. universities. Private institutions having AICTE approval are eligible to become the member of NEFTi. 

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KMSS asks state power minister to ‘stop lying’

28 Jul 2011 - 5:36am | Daya Nath Singh

Reacting to the recent ‘blatant lies’ of the Assam Power Minister, Pradyut Bardoloi, Krishak Mukti Sangram Samiti (KMSS) leader Akhil Gogoi made it clear that he is not opposed to the demand and need of power for the state, but he wanted to know the ‘secrets of the deal’ which made the state government to ignore all the facts related to the geographical and environmental needs of Assam.

Addressing the media persons in Guwahati recently, the RTI activist, Akhil Gogoi said that the power minister had given the history of Lower Subansiri Project. He said an unknown fact of this history was that the Central Electricity Authority (CEA) report of October 2001 gave rank ‘C’ to 2000 MW Lower Subansiri project, which was taken up in a hurry. He added that the CEA preliminary ranking study of the nationwide potential of hydroelectric schemes examined 168 projects in the Northeast, out of which 149 were given ranks A and B indicating higher priority for taking up.

Lower Subansiri project was not in the first 149 projects and was in fact given rank ‘C’ primarily due to the inter-state dispute. He questioned why the project was pushed forward in a hurry despite being identified as a priority project? An impression had been given by the minister that the Inter-ministerial group (IMG) on NE Hydro had been set up as a result of the concerns about impacts of dams raised by Assam government. The IMG was only formed to evolve a suitable frame work to guide and accelerate the development of hydro-power in the North Eastern Region. Its only aim was to accelerate hydropower in NE. While the IMG report did not recommend basin wide studies in Subansiri and Siang basins, Gogoi alleged that the people of Assam were being misled by referring to this decision as a ‘progressive step’. In fact in an ongoing case in the Green Tribunal (formerly National Environmental Appellate Authority) it was justified granting clearance to the 1750 MW Demwe Lower project without the completion of full Lohit river basin study by citing the recommendation of Inter-ministerial Group report, which is being portrayed by Assam Govt as being progressive.

The KMSS leader said that the Assam Expert Committee (IIT Guwahati, Gauhati University and Dibrugarh University) met the Expert appraisal Committee on river Valley and Hydro-electric projects of the MoEF on December 11, 2011. Subsequent to that they invited them to Gerukamukh for further discussions, but this invitation was not acknowledged by the EAC or MoEF and there has been complete silence for the last six months. He alleged that instead of logically completing the discussion between the multi-disciplinary Assam Expert Committee and multi-disciplinary MoEF’s EAC, the Centre again handed the issue to two engineer-dominated committees only. The Assam Expert Committee has thus been purposely bypassed because it did not serve ‘dam lobby’s purpose’.

Gogoi alleged that the power minister himself had taken lead in forming this new committee and now he should also take moral responsibility for disowning this committee. He asked the minister to know that the dam construction was not only a matter of civil engineering. All branches of science and social sciences have their own role. He warned that the dam lobby does not want to understand this fact.

The KMSS leader made it clear that his organization was not against large dams, but even for those who are pro-dams in Assam, is not it logical to argue that till all the demands of Government of Assam are satisfied in black and white (legally and written form), they should ask for a moratorium on dams in the region? The power minister makes hypothetical claims they have no concurrence from Government of India as yet and he asked to stop ‘telling lies’.

Trader killed for refusing to pay ransom

3 Aug 2015 - 6:32am | AT News

Utter lawlessness has become the order of the day in Dimapur where miscreants can attack anybody for refusing to pay ransom.
A section of miscreants, of late, have been extorting money from a number of non Naga trader in the commercial town.

Mention may be made of the Sunday’s where unidentified miscreants shot dead a trader from Assam for refusing to pay ransom they demanded earlier.

Initial police investigation suggests it case of extortion where Ashis Saha, a trader who hails from Jorhat was killed only for refusing to pay money.

The incident took place at Shyam bazar in the heart of the commercial hub where four miscreants had an altercation with Ashis where he refused to board on their vehicle. Suddenly, one of the miscreants sprayed several rounds of bullets on the trader from a point blank range.

Then the gang of miscreants left the spot without any hindrance. Ashis was rushed to the nearby hospital where he was declared brought dead.

This is not for the first time when non Naga people face wrath of the miscreants. The commercial hub hit media headlines across the nation four months back when an irate mob lynched a rape accused from Karimganj at a public spot after dragging him out of the Dimapur Central Jail in full view of the hapless security forces.   

LS: BPF to contest 2 seats

27 Jan 2014 - 4:41pm | AT News

BPF will contest in Kokrajhar and Mongoldoi in the Lok Sabha poll and will help Congress win other seats.

This was what BPF president Hagrama Mohilary told reporters when he accompanied Biswajeet Daimary for filing nomination for the Rajya Sabha polls. He reiterated a strong alliance with Congress and thanked the alliance for allowing Daimary to be re elected.