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Gaane Ki Aane: The Real Zubeen on Screen

Only quantity or quality too? It’s not just a question; actually it becomes a matter of serious debate when it comes to Assamese Cinema. Unfortunately it has been a long period of Assamese Cinema suffering from various issues. Among them, lack of audience and poor economic statistics are undoubtedly prime. Few years back, the number of Assamese cinema releasing in a year had gone very low and this decreasing quantity also created various questions relating to the future and existence of the Assamese Cinema industry.  But now the situation has been quite changed. From last two-three years we have been experiencing a rising graph of Assamese cinema in terms of quantity specially. Adding more delight and hope to the industry, musical sensation of the region Zubeen Garg starts the shooting of his new film titled ‘Gaane Ki Aane’. He is playing the protagonist of it.

If Zubeen means ‘Sensation’, then this new film means a lot for his fans for sure. The reason is nothing else but the story of the film. According to the sources, the story of this new flick revolves around the real life of Zubeen Garg and it has many similarities with him. Obviously it is a story of a popular artist that depicts his life, journey and of course the dark shades of being ‘popular’.  The film, Gaane Ki Aane, is being produced by Gautam Chakravorty, Sunil Gogoi & Rajesh Jashpal under the banner of Raga Films (Mumbai). Bollywood Director Rajesh Jashpal is directing this much-talked Assamese Film. Rajesh has acted in various mega serials which shot him to fame and his directorial debut Hindi film ‘Baatein’ will hit theatres very soon.  The Story and script of ‘Gaane ki Aane’ are by director Jashpal himself and Ibson Lal Barua has done the Assamese adaptation of it. Apart from Zubeen, the other casts of the film are Parineeta Borthakur, Nipon Goswami, Hiranya Deka, Rimpi Das, Rina Bora, Himagni Gogoi etc. After completion of the first shooting schedule in Mumbai, the film is being shot at different locations of Assam including Guwahati city, Jyoti chitraban film institute etc. The music direction is by Zubeen Garg. Popular singers like Zublee, Parineeta, Mahalaxmi, Anindita Paul have rendered their voice to the soulful tunes of Zubeen. Cinematography is by Pradip Daimari and Make-up by Subhash. Publicity design by Dreamz features. Achinta Sankar and Manas Sagra are the Chief Assistant Director and Assistant Director respectively.

As producers informs, the second shooting schedule of the film is about to complete and the unit will fly for Mumbai after that for the third and final schedule. They also have planned to shoot a song abroad, possibly at Gangtok. Zubeen looks very excited and optimistic as well with the film and it seems he is facing his past days in every shot at shooting site. So how does it feel portraying yourself on the screen and playing your own character in front of camera?? I wanted to ask Zubeen. But I stopped myself as suddenly i realised and got the answer too. The answer was in his eyes and i was just confused to differentiate between two Zubeens! one is very familiar Zubeen Garg, the singer, but the another Zubeen can be found only at shooting spot as a dedicated actor. 

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