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Sadak Puja sends message of peace and intergrity

Cutting across barrier of community and religion, people from all casts and religion joined hands unitedly in the observation of the Sadak Puja at  Guwabari-Bahadurpara village along the Kokrajhar and Dhubri district border on Monday on the last of Bohag month (Bwisak month), which sends message of peace and integrity in the area.

Devotees from Hindu religion from different villages both from Kokrajhar and Dhubri district thronged to witness at the Sadak Puja ground,which has been observing since 60 years last by few four Hindu families in the village. The Puja is a rare one in today’s era being organised at Guwabari-Bahadurpara village along the Kokrajhar and Dhubri district border. The puja has been observing since 60 years last by only four families of Hindu in support of Muslim peoples from the adjoining areas. All members of the puja organizing committee and needed management are done by Muslim peoples as the villages are Muslim dominated. 

The puja was performed by a priest through Hindu tradition and was support extended from Muslim citizens in all puja related works. Thousands of believers from irrespective of communities thronged the puja to witness and offered worships to the almighty Shiva on the occasion, which has been organized on the last day Bohag/Bwisak month every year. The puja saw attractions of dhak-play where devotees and Hindu religion followers offered their prayers. 

Villager and citizens of this area believed that observation of Sadak Puja along the village has been highlighting peace and integrity among all sections of society. 

The Sadak Puja has been observing every year on the last day of Bohag month (Bwisak month) in Hindu tradition, said priest of the puja. 

‘We are organising this since 60 years in a united manner where communities both from Hindu and Muslims are participating with enthusiatic moments’, said a Muslim citizens. He also said that there is no different feeling and thinking in between both communities, ‘We respect each other and sharing unity and integrity in our locality’. 

Muslim citizens expresses their emphasizes of gaining the Sadak puja in larger manner through which bond of human could be gained in days to coming. The Sadak Puja sends messages of people’s brotherhood-sisterhood in the region,Muslim villagers said.

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