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Local Residents near Kaziranga help to capture two Rhino Poachers

Kaziranga : Poaching has been continuing unabated in Kaziranga this year. The official numbers of Rhinos who have already been killed are around 9 but sources in Kaziranga dispute it and say it is actually 10. In this gloomy scenario, what is heartening is that local residents of the area have started acting against poachers. Local residents of Difalo Pathar Ahomgaon caught two suspected poachers, Prabhat Saikia and Tikindra Saikia on Tuesday evening at 9.30 pm. However Tikindra Saikia however managed to escape. Prabhat Saikia has been handed over to forest officials. The Local officials have started a joint operation with forest officials to capture Tikindra Saikia.
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