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Hail Obama as the leader of the new world

The election of Barrack Obama today as the president of USA symbolises the rise of a new world order. He stands for the change of perception of the people. His emergence signifies that in a modern world skin is less important. What is more important is the capacity to empower humanity. His rise symbolises the synthesis of poor and rich, black and white & brown and yellow. The synthesis of unified colour of USA was evident for the first time when he addressed million people in Chicago to acknowledge his victory. He graciously acknowledged the contribution of McCain in the nation building. Obama requested for his expertise to build up new world . Hail Obama as the leader of the New world order!

Why are Indian happy? Apparently he has made some remarks which are not really favourable, at the first sight, to common Indian and yet Indian largely rejoiced his victory. The most urban educated Indian felt that some one of their own has been elected. Obama had no connection, even remotely, with anything Indian. His respect to the Gandhian philosophy, tasting of Indian food, his friendship with his Indian roommate in his student days in New York are nothing remarkable. We all go through these phases in our life. I like Italian food that did not mean that I am admire everything Italian. I do not very much like British food and yet do feel great about British pride on scientific achievements as well as human approach towards people of the world.

Many people think Obama would not be as friendly to Indian Interest as George Bush was. Its wrong. What he uttered during his campaign days that he would not tolerate outsourcing may rather prove beneficial to India. He might rather ask Indian firms to set up shops in USA so that outsourcing could be avoided and yet Indian firm can proliferate by appointing Americans who is capable of learning IT.

His utterance on Kashmir should not be wrongly interpreted. What he meant that if better relation between Indian and Pakistan could be ushered in, than both the countries would be able to devote more time in the war terrorism. He has never told that Kashmir should be handed over to Kashmir is or to Pakistan. Did he said that? One thing must be kept in mind that what he said in the campaign was short crisp statement. As soon as he sit in the hot seat, he would weigh both the side and will proceed what is the best for the world.

Obama is an embodiment of change. The change is for a better world. The change is meant for the suppressed and oppressed people. The change is for the minority community. The small business in America ( including 7 to 11 stores) are mostly owned by Indian American, petrol pumps of New York are controlled by Indian. Obama promises that minority business would be looked after. In that event, who would be benefited? Indian mostly, as they are the owners of small stores in America.

I have followed successive elections very carefully. I have seen whenever Democrats win in election, America become a much more vibrant nation. The economy booms. One of my friends’ son went to America in 1990. I told him that he has gone in the best time to come. At that time Republican were ruling. I told them that in another four years there would be elections and in case Democrates wins, there would be more employment opportunities and better financial stability. In 1995 Bill Clinton came. America's entire economy changed for the good. Unemployment were wiped out. More and more jobs created. The same would happen to America 2009 to 2013.The economy would turn around and Barrack Obama would prove himself to be the one of the best Presidents ever produced after Roosevelt.

This is my dream only. Obama was raised well with values. He would be true to his gene--his father, a Kenyan by birth but could impress a white lady when the city was not liberal. Both survive tension of the time and never fell apart. Obama is the product of those values. He would survive all catastrophe. Especially, when he has a lovely partner in his wife.

Its true. Obama is an American. He would surely think of the welfare of America always. He would do his best what is good for his country. It would be foolish to expect that he would side with Indian, China or Kenya at the cost of America. Forget about such silly things. He is born as American citizen, raised in America and he loves his country dearly. It is natural for him to promote and his country is of not any other culture.

I pray to God to give him strength to serve his country well and bring peace to the world. World is looking at him with great expectation. Take care Obama! God bless you!
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Though i support Obama fully but after reading this article some of my misconceptions about Mr. President of America (those which were not in favour of India) got cleared and i am truly grateful for that.

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