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Nagaon celebrates Shardiya Mahotsava on Dandiya tunes

The Dushera is associated with both religious-social and cultural aspects of life! To celebrates its multi-colored faced Nagaon town witnessed the first of its kind on the tune of Dandiya the “Sharadiya Mahotsava” at Shilpran Chandra Phukan Mahali Open Theatre from 21-23 september’09 evenings. The courtesy to organize such an cultural event on occasion of Dushera goes to Lion’s Club of Nagaon Greater team under the organizing committee Chairman Mr Lalit Kothari.

The crowd includes from early teens to elderly socialites, who not only danced on Dandiya tunes, but the income generated from the event will be utilized in social causes of Lion’s Club. In the Dandiya all the three days response from younger generation was not only enthusiastic, but it proves out to be one of the best get together time of many localites. The Dandiya first evening guest was none other than Neha Maraha (Gehna - New Tai of famous serial ‘Valika Vadhu’ on Color ) and first 2 days of the show belongs to DJs Elips of Kolkata. The thirh and final day DJ was Taya and all the 3 days Dandiya show was anchored by Miss North-East Minu Paul.

In totality, the famous Gujarati folk is changed the Nagaon town into mini-cosmo-politan town of Gujarat, where local belonging to all the communities shared their passion for dance and its truly the reflection of Dushera festival belonging to one and all. Hopefully, the corporate sponsorship will come forward in near future too for the common cause of their social responsibility with cultural heritage and happiness. The overall crowd clearly dominates that life is much joyful beyond being couch potatoes !

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“Yeh hamara culture nahi hain”, that’s what a Punjabi girl replied on Durga Puja. So was the response of a Tamilian and a Maharashtrian when I asked about Durga Puja. Every part of India has a form of Hinduism unique to it. Assam has (or should we say had) the Vaishnav form of Hinduism in which Lord Vishnu and his one of his avatar Sri Krishna is worshipped apart from the Lord Shiva who is popular among some section of the population. During the occasion of Durga Puja, we get to read many Brahmin columnists and writers tracing the celebration of the festival in Assam to hundreds and thousands of year. But this is entirely hoax and a means to derive self-satisfaction to avoid the fact that this festival belongs to Bengalis of Calcutta. Some sculptor might have carved figures of Durga in temples under a certain kings instructions. But the present form of celebrating Durga puja, that is, community pandals, idol worship and throwing of idols into rivers is out and out an import from Bengal. And since most of the Brahmins in Assam have roots in Bengal, they want everyone in Assam to believe that Durga puja is a part of Assamese culture. For those who want to know, Durga puja started in Guwahati around 100 years back only. A few men from Assam who went to study in Calcutta brought this celebration to their homes. And, the Assamese, spineless as they are, lapped it up. But, the Marathis, Tamils, Kannadiga, Jats, etc. will never let such a festival to become a huge phenomenon in their lands. For a Marathi, Ganesh Chaturtthi is the only fixation. Migrant Bengalis who have settled in Mumbai or Delhi might be celebrating their festival in some corner of the city, but the entire city never takes part in the event. But the spineless Assamese surrenders and gets carried away by anything and everything. It’s a shame that the Assamese have no collective integrity. This pagan festival from Bengal is spreading out to Shillong, Itanagar, not to speak of Agartala which is densely populated by Bangladeshi Hindus. In no way, this festival can be a part of Assamese culture. It cannot be curbed suddenly. But I hope the number of pandals would come down to half a dozen from thousands, the idols will be smaller and our rivers will be spared from puja pollution.
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You are a nut Agastyi, and those others who say "yeah hamara culture nahi hain", it is Our India and known for its "unity in diversity", be it a hindu festival or Muslim festival or any other. Don't discriminate it. Ma kamakhya (another for m of Ma Durga) is not of only Bengali or Assamese, its for everyone. It is people like you who are the threats and germ to our country. If an enemy attacks e.g, from Northern part: and we eastern or a southern or a western says "YEAH HAMARA STATE NAHI HAIN", then Doom is there to our country. So Agastyi, whenever you put in some comments. Study and research well. "Don't play with the emotional sentiments of the people".
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Devi puja is not assamese culture too. Lot of assamese go to see the fesivity , not to devi. Dear barua, the mainstream assamese never were so fond of imported culture till born of people like u. Durga puja is the main festival of Bengali, not assamese. The land of assm don't have any religious festival from its origin. I would like to remind you that our main festival is "Rongali bihu" and its a harvest festival, nothing to do with unlogical devi puja. its pity that u seems to be a victim or weapon of cultural aggression. hurry up brua, be continue be a great indian, then assames. ki ananda.
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What i observed in Mahotsava as well as in durga puja coverage throughout the nagaon that dushera is not centered around a few bengalis OR gujaratis, but there were people 4m all communities enjoying the feast i.e; 'Khichri Bhog' outside puja-pandals ! On the bank of river where ma Durga idols were immersed into water @ local Nehru Bali on Vijaya Dashmi evening too there were more Assamese gathering than anybody else, so if anybody have doubt about local participants, pl. welcome 4 next year pandal hopping at Nagaon !
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Kamakhya is not Durga. The original name of Kamakhya is "Khaam Maikkhya" ("I will eat meat"). It was a tribal goddess of the Garos. The Garos living in and around Guwahati offered meat or animal sacrifice for 'Khaam-Maikkhya'. Later a king called Narakasur brought in Brahmins from Orissa and Bengal. They ousted the Garo priests from the Garo 'thaan' (place of worship)of goddess "Khaam-Maikkhya" and pushed the Garo goddess into oblivion. 'Khaam-Maikkhya' disappeared and the Brahmin priests made everyone believe that the temple was that of Durga. (To some critics and those who hate the facts I present---- Call me a nut, term me a germ, say whatever some critics want to say, my words are never untrue. Believe it or not, it's all upto you...) Anyways....I will relate the truth in a softer tone......yet truth will always be bitter and something we wouldn't like to accept.
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Barua, After going through all the comments,I also feel Agastyi is right.Now my age is 37 and have been seeing many changes in our Assamese cultures.In 70's and 80's there was not so much durga puja participants from Assamese people although durga puja was celebrated in every parts of Assam since ages being a hindu puja but not as a national festival of Assamese,only places where Bengalis are more,one could see many durga puja mandaps like we see today. AS we know Bengali population got increased due to illegal immigration from Bangladesh,legal immigrants from Barak Valley to city like guwahati and also from West Bengal for jobs, the durga puja celebration also got increased with many pujas and assamese being mostly hindus also participated along with them. It will be wrong to say that assamese dont do durga puja,we do puja to Maa Durga but not as an important,national festival like Bengalis.The heavy population of bengalis have influenced assamese society culturaly.SO now Durga pUja also became an important festival of Assam.Even i have seen Assamese are also doing manasa puja and in future Dandia dance will be said our assamese culture like what Barua thinks. “Yeh hamara culture nahi hain”, that’s what a Punjabi girl replied on Durga Puja is not a wrong saying.There doesnt come the point of unity and diversity and discrimination.Only thing is we should respect others culture and languages. What panjabi girl said,i also got same type of reply when i asked "isnt Holi your festival" to a andhra lady in Bangalore.SHe replied Holi is a north indian festival
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Why have a problem on what God is worshipped? Religion is based on belief and lacks scientific evidence - all kinds of religion. It is necessary to preserve one own's traditions and at the same time being respectful and open towards others.
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MA KAMAKHYA... The temple is one of the 52 holy Shakti Peethas related to Sati. Kamakhya devi shrine hosts the yoni of Sati that fell here following the destruction of Daksha's sacrifice. This Shakti Peetha symbolizes the union of Shiva with Shakti, as described in the Kali Purana. They are depicted in constant union where Kamakhya is the Goddess of desire, who grants salvation. She is the young bride of Lord Shiva and together they symbolize the sublime reality of the miracle of life, the everlasting bliss of male/female union. This temple is situated atop a hill that overlooks the Brahmaputra river. The inner sanctum is a deep dark underground rocky chamber into which one descends by a flight of steep steps. The "Matra Yoni" which is inscribed on a rock is covered with silk sarees and is constantly moist by underground spring water.
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Kamakhya, Durga, Lakshmi, Parboti, all are weapons of exploit people. Its time to realize that religion is really "opium of the masses" as Marx said. Hindu is the most unscientific religion where they teach how to treat poeple as animal by another so call high caste people. We should have one festival in autumn just for one day to enjoy the nature. moreover The durga puja or any other "devi puja" are not environment friendly. it increases pollution, wasting time and money.
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Milk, "Hindu is the most unscientific religion" - is based on what presumptions? Tell us which religion is scientific then and how. To my knowledge the caste system was followed by the society and not something prescribed in the Hindu books. Hinduism is a way of life. It does not force one to worship one particular God. Karma is a great teaching of Hinduism where a man is held responsible for his own action. Religion is not perfect. But there are great values to be learnt. You are not doing any particular favour by insulting Hinduism. No one is forcing you to be a Hindu. You may very well chose a foreign religion of your liking or chose not to have one as well.
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When in school, noted Assamese author and journalist Nirupama (Tamuly) Borgohain kicked the idol of Saraswati to prove to her classmates that, no goddess of learning can help in making a person learn is he or she doesn’t have the urge to gather knowledge by one’s own. Today, when I see young girls and boys using the festival of Saraswati puja as a means to flirt and date, I realize how true this lady is in her convictions! I find it amusing to see how these irrational Brahmanical forms of worship in the form of gods like Vishwakarma or goddesses like Durga, Sarawati, Kali etc. still hold sway over a large section of Hindus.
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Pallavi There is nothing new in what the noted journalist said. You could worship God "n" number of times and then commit crimes, you still are a criminal. No amount of worshiping or confessing will absolve you of your crimes. Similarly no amount of worhipping Goddess Saraswati will enlighten you if you do not put in your own efforts. The fact that the noted journalist had to kick an idol to prove her point shows her immaturity. She is lucky to have kicked an Hindu idol and got away with it. If she had kicked an Islamic book or a Christian idol( Jesus, Mary ) to prove the same- I am sure that she wouldn't have dared that, the consequences would have been different. I guess I do not have to state what the consequences would have been. Idol worshipping is not confined to Hindus. The Christians, Buddhists have them too. The Hindu Gods can be as irrational as the Gods of the other religion too. Please refrain from spreading hatred. There are better things in the world to do than fight over religion.
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Oh come on....don't drag on this... Forget it....I didn't mean to hurt anyone...that was just an anecdote...happened long time back. Anyways, I am on this earth for the next few decades....don't want to spread hatred, nor love,....just live on as any ordinary mortal. However, I am getting so immune to public bashing...thanks for reading what I wrote and criticizing me too...thank you for sparing those angry moments inspite of your busy lives... Best Wishes...
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Dear Jyotirmoy, This debate is not about spreading hatred or something. I too believe that the extravagance, wastage in the name of puja celebrations is going high and high each year. This needs to be curbed. Its about the spread of vulgar display of pomp and extravagance, pollution during pujas. I would be glad if community puja celebrations decrease in Assam.
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Jyotirmoy, Are you from RSS, BJP or Hindutva brand supporter? You sound fanatic yaar!
Jyotirmoy's picture

Raktim Does it matter? So, I sound fanatic but the various anti-Hindu posts are secular? I am not really a die hard follower of Hinduism but I am not an athiest either. I see the sudden rise of pseudo-secularists who claim to be religious experts and spread their venom against Hindu form of worship on the web. Why are they silent against Islamic fundamentalists and the Christian missionaries in the NE. There is already so much division in Assam based on tribes, languages .. Now do we need a further cause of division. Please also refrain from providing statements with no substance. I live abroad and used to read Assam news( including Assam Times ) to keep in touch with my homeland. It is unfortunate that a website devoted to Assam news is becoming a propaganda tool for the newly self proclaimed religious experts. I am ending this nonsense here. No more posts from me to Assam Times. Seems an utter waste.
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I agree....if you take a closer look...u'll find that Mr. Jyotirmoy is very keen on bringing religion into the Mr. Jyotirmoy...hard to come off the beaten track, is it???
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I endorse the views of Jyotirmay that Hinduism is not only Religion as perceived,but a WAY OF LIFE. Yeah Hamara Culture Nahin Hey " bolne wale have a very Narrow Outlook. To me ALLTHE GOOD THINGS IN ANY CULTURE are HAMARA CULTURE and all the evils of our CULTURE should not be HAMARA CULTURE.

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