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BJP alleges EVM tampering in Khumtai

The BJP candidate from Khumtai LAC, for the 2011 assembly election Dr. Mridul Kr. Dutta alleges of EVM tampering in the recently concluded polls. In a press meet held today at Golaghat, Dr. Dutta told media persons that a large scale tampering in the EVMs has been carried out. He said that in the 2006 assembly election when BJP was not so well organized, he managed to get 14093 votes. He further added that the scenario for BJP in 2011 election was completely different, now a days BJP has 13221 primary members, 18 panchayat level committee, booth level committee and inspite of all these he has managed to get only 11577 votes, which according to him is not acceptable at any cost. He is very much surprised at the outcome of the poll.

He said that in a collaborative study, a team of Indian and international experts have revealed that the electronic voting machines used in Indian elections are vulnerable to fraud. Even brief access to the machines, known in India as EVMs, could allow criminals to alter election results. At the beginning of the press meet Dr. Dutta showed a video which show two demonstration attacks against a real EVM. One attack involves replacing a small part of the machine with a look-alike component that can be silently instructed to steal a percentage of the votes in favor of a chosen candidate. These instructions can be sent wirelessly from a mobile phone. Another attack uses a pocket-sized device to change the votes stored in the EVM between the election and the public counting session.

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