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Computerization of Land Records launched at Bilasipara

Project Dharitree or the “Computerization of Land Records (CLR)” Project was successfully kicked-started at the Circle Office, Bilasipara, on June 30, 2011. In this connection a public meeting was held at the Conference Hall of the Circle Office, Bilasipara on the same day. The Sub-divisional Officer (Civil), Bilasipara, Sri Dhruba Jyoti Das, presided over the said meeting. The Additional Deputy Commissioner (Revenue), Dhubri, Sri R Barman; the Circle Officer, Dhubri Revenue Circle, Sri M N Baruah; the District Informatics Officer, National Informatics Centre (NIC), Dhubri, Sri Kailash Kalita; the Circle Officer of Bilasipara Revenue Circle, Sri W S Daimari; the Circle Officer of Chapar, Smt. Ashru Moni Malakar; the Circle Officer of Bagribari, Si Anil Chandra Deori; and a sizeable number of general public attended the meeting.

In his welcome speech as president, Sri Dhruba Jyoti Das, the Sub-divisional Officer (Civil), Bilasipara, expressed his utmost pleasure on the introduction of computerized process of generation and maintenance of land records at Circle Office Level. He apprised all those present in the meeting that all the three Circle Offices of the sub-division are fully equipped with the infrastructure, technical support and expertise which are the essential pre-requisite for the introduction of Project Dharitree or the “Computerization of Land Records (CLR)” Project.

It a may be mentioned that the pilot project for Computerization of Land Records was implemented in Sonitpur district in the year 2003. Furthermore, it can also be added that in February, 2007, the Department of Revenue and Disaster Management, Assam, had approached the Department of Land Records, Government of India, for sanction of fund for statewide rollout of the land records computerization under “Computerization of Land Records (CLR)” Project. The Department of Land Records, Government of India, sanctioned Rs. 8.81 crore for statewide rollout of the land records computerization.

The Additional Deputy Commissioner (Revenue), Dhubri, Sri R Barman, formally inaugurated Project Dharitree or the “Computerization of Land Records (CLR)” Project in this meeting. In his speech, Sri R Barman apprised all those present in the meeting that the project is named after the Dharitree Software installed for the purpose of maintaining and generating computerized land records. Sri Barman added that the Revenue and Disaster Management Department, Government of Assam, under this project aims at computerizing the process of generation and maintenance of land records in the State. He further added that there will be a gradual replacement of manual records by computerized ones, besides this, almost all the activities of the Circle Offices will be automated and in time, will be linked up in real time with the District and State Head Quarters.

The Circle Officer, Dhubri Revenue Circle, Sri M N Baruah and the District Informatics Officer, Sri Kailash Kalita, in their respective lectures threw light on the function, advantages and future prospects of the “Computerization of Land Records (CLR)” Project. In may be mentioned that as the first initiation, a few copies of computer generated Jamabandi or Record of Rights (RoR) were formally distributed in the meeting amongst their concerned pattadars.

In his concluding speech, Sri Dhruba Jyoti Das, the Sub-divisional Officer (Civil), Bilasipara expressed his hope that the implementation of the Dharitree or the “Computerization of Land Records (CLR)” Project in the Circle Offices is sure to bring a sea change in the land records management system. He added that it is definitely going to improve the quality of services to the citizens by facilitating easy access to Records of Right (RoR) information, reducing procedural delays, enabling faster delivery of services.

Syeda Hasnahana
Sub-Divisional Information & Public Relations Officer

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Rhino poaching riddles Orang

17 Mar 2017 - 3:43pm | AT News

Despite unprecedented measures rhino poaching refuses to die down in Assam putting in BJP-led government in a fix. Poachers in Orang sanctuary have killed a rhino yo take away the horn in a couple days back.

The incident took place bear the Picholamukh forest camp where the poachers were believed to have struck and the carcass was spotted on Friday morning.

It came to light two days after three poachers in Kaziranga were believed to have died when their vehicle collided it's head at a moving bus at Baihata Chariali in the outskirt if the city.

Protest Rally at Haflong

21 Mar 2012 - 3:13pm | Anup Biswas

In protest against the kidnapping and brutal killing of Swapan Paul of Langting, the District Public Forum, Haflong orgainised a protest rally at Haflong on Tuesday.

Thousands of people from every walk of life and irrespective of caste, creed and religion took out a procession led by prominent citizens of Haflong from Town Committee field and marched through the Haflong Township to the Office of the Deputy Commissioner, Dima Hasao. They also submitted a representation to the Deputy Commissioner, incharge, Sri Khanindra Chowdhury, ADC, Haflong.

The representation maintained that on 29-02-12 one Swapan Paul S/O Lt. Rosoraj Paul of Langting Bazar was called from his house by some miscreants and he was missing for some time and later on his dead body was recovered from a deep jungle at Langting Area on 12-03-12.

This incident has created a Panic situation not only in Langting Area but in the entire Dima Hasao District among Public more particularly among the business community who are earning their livelihood and maintaining their families with the income derived from the small business. It may be mention that there is no big business, house in Dima Hasao District. All are small and retail traders.

The deceased Swapon Paul was an educated unemployed youth. He was running a Xerox machine and was earning a little income to maintain his family. His death has caused a great loss to his family as the family has lost a earning member and there is none to support them financially.

With the surrender of DHD (J) & ceasefire with DHD(N) the law & order situation in the district though apparently seem to be improved, but the brutal killing of Swapan Paul gives a wrong signal in other way. Life & property of common people is not free from danger. Anything may happen to any person at any time. The killing of a young educated boy by calling him from his house shows that the miscreants are moving freely and can do anti- social work freely. Here is a threat for the peace loving people who are spending their days with great anxiety.

Mention may be made of another incident at Hatikhali where another person namely Mr. Dey S/O Narayan Dey was also kidnapped and his where about is not known till date. It is apprehended that he also has met the similar fate of Swapan Paul.

Unless some positive step is taken from his end the incident of the similar nature will increase day by day and it will be difficult for the people to live with safety & security in their life & property in this district.

Therefore, they earnestly approached his good self to extend helping hand to the family of Lt. Swapan Paul and pay ex-gratia grant etc. to support them financially and at the some time you would take positive step with the help of security forces to apprehend the miscreants in killing of Swapan Paul and give examplinary punishment so that such things does not happen in near future.

Assam peace initiatives reach crucial stage

25 Jun 2010 - 4:50pm | editor

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