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Cyber Crime seminar

  • Cyber Crime seminar at ADBU
    Cyber Crime seminar at ADBU

A seminar on Cyber Crime at its Azara Don Bosco University (ADBU) campus atrium, last Thursday. Inspector of Police (Criminal Investigation Dept.) Ashwini Kumar Kalita, addressed the students and faculty in a 90 minute interactive session packed with wit, humour and incidents of cyber crime. The cyber crime investigation department deals with offences related to the computer, computer network, computer resource, computer systems, computer devices and Internet. Cyber crime includes offences conducted through the Internet such as hate crimes, stalking, telemarketing and Internet fraud, identity theft, and credit card account thefts. Inspector Kalita addressed the gathering on the various types of cyber crime and how young people could turn out to be serious offenders. 

Kalita further explained in detail, the consequences of committing a cyber crime and its punishment while giving examples how to prevent it? It was a very informative session for both the faculty and the students, as Inspector Kalita clearly explained every aspect of the topic cyber crime. The most enlightening part of the morning assembly session was the information Kalita shared on how to crack cyber crime and how to prevent it. Kalita also touched upon legal actions that are currently in force to prevent cyber crime.  In his speech he highlighted several cyber crime cases that occurred in the state and also stressed on the part that “they occurred due to negligence of the victims.”

“It was a very useful seminar for all as it will help everyone from falling into the web of the vicious cyber crime,” said a first semester Engineering student Nishant Gogoi. His batchmate Jitul Pathak added, “I wish we had a longer session with Mr. Kalita who kept the audience spell bound.”

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The seminar is one of the best way to be updated and know more thing and if we are in the learning period then we can see how the semiars are beneficial. 
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Mr AK Kalita's session was thoroughly engaging the students that he could hold their attention for some 90 minutes. Absolutely useful lecture not only for the FB generation but also for the faculty.

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