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Chief Minister of Assam Tarun Gogoi being felicitated

Chief Minister of Assam Tarun Gogoi being felicitated during the open meeting of Purvanchal Tai Sahitya Sabha at Namrup on 23-03-08.

Pix by UB Photos.

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looks more powerful..:)
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CM wake up open ur eyes and stop corruption assam is ranked first
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Do something for the people..
Md.Jahangir Alam, Sub.Inspector's picture

`To The Hon’ble Chief Minister Assam Sub: COMPLAIN AND PRAY FOR JUSTICE Hon’ble Sir, Most humbly and respectfully I would like to bring in your kind notice, the under mentioned few lines regarding monopoly and intentionally miss use the power and create feelings of Asammes v/s Non Assame and keeping negative attitude/feeling with the Central Force Personnel and a member of Minority Community, who is providing his service at North Lakhimpur, Lilabari Airport, Assam, by Manager SBI North Lakhimpur Branch, Dist- North Lakhimpur (Assam). Resulting its directly effects the Moral of the Force Personnel, who are deployed at North Lakhimpur, Lilabari Airport, Assam on National Internal Security Duty and fully devoted towards their duty at this station. Sir, I am serving in Central Industrial Security Force (Ministry of Home Affairs) Govt. of India as a permanent Sub. Inspector and presently Posted at Lilabari Airport, North Lakhimpur. I had approached to Manager Mr. Goswamy SBI North Lakhimpur for Personal Loan in the month of Feb.2009. He had ordered to his Asstt. Mr. Mishra to give me Loan Papers. After completion from all respect I applied for Personal Loan in SBI North Lakhimpur, my Salary drawing branch, in the month of Feb.2009. Manager Mr. Goswamy had told me that your Bank Account transaction has not completed 06 months periods, hence you come after completion of six months with all these papers which has been checked by me and completed from all respect and his Asstt. Mr. Mishra had put his signature with date on the papers as acknowledgement/memory that they had chacked the same. I was compelled to wait till completion of six months. After completion of six months in the month of July dated 2.07.2009, I went to Mr. Goswamy to submit the Loan papers. He replied that you are not a Assamee hence you have to bring an Assamee person as a Garenter. I told him that I am a Bonafide Citizen of India and a Bonafide Central Govt. Employee. Assam is also a State of India. My service is transferable all over India. And for your kind information all the CISF personnel who applied for personal loan in any branch of SBI in all over India, whether he belongs to that particular state or not, they have been sanctioned personal loan without condition of State feeling. Being an India and posted at North Lakhimpur, Lilabari Airport, I am well entitled to apply for loan at your Branch, how you can raise the question of Assamees V/S Non Assamees. This is not fare being an Officer and siting on a Public welfare chair. Than he told me that He will not sanction the loan to CISF personnel. I asked him why? When my salary is being paid through your Bank/Branch and I am posted at this city, why I will not be sanctioned Loan. And a more important aspect that the returns of the loan amount is secured. Than he told me you come after a day, give me one day time to think. After 2.07.2009 so many days I went to Bank but he had no time to talk with me, always he tried to ignore me. Later on, on 08.07.2009 at about 1430 hours in the chamber of Chief Branch Manager I met him. He asked my all the papers. He asked me who are your DDO. I replied him, that salary is being prepared at this station. Demand Draft of our whole unit personnel including my Head of office, come from Guwahati Airport on the name of my Head of the Office, Asstt. Commandant, Disbursing officer. And our Asstt. Commandant submit the DD to SBI North Lakhimpur Branch, with put his signature as Disbursing Officer with details of CISF personnel to credit on the account of employees of CISF. This system has been implemented by Ministry of home as well as FHQrs to allot the Budget Centrally to maintain the Budget centrally. Not our self, like my unit 09 Assam’s Unit are also get their Salary DD from Guwahati Airport. For your kind information sir, that the Power of CDO & DDO can not be delegated to a small unit, hence this present system has been implemented by the FHQrs as well MHA. Than Mr. Goswamy told me that when your DD come from your DDO Guwahati Airport, than you apply for loan at Guwahati. I replied him that, I had contact SBI Guwahati, he replied that you are posted at North Lakhimpur, Lilabari, your Head of Office is there. You are getting your Salary through SBI North Lakhimpur Branch, hence as per SBI Rules, you have to apply for loan at North Lakhimpur SBI Branch and they are duty bound to sanction the loan to you. But lastly by hook and crook Mr. Goswamy and Chief Branch Manager of SBI North Lakhimpur has returned me and not accepted my loan papers which was given by himself. I am fully frustrated and unable to decide what has to do or what has not to do, with the negative attitude of the Managers towards the Force Personnel. I am compelled to bring in your kind notice all the things, so that you may take necessary steps to get me justice and I may please be sanctioned Personal Loan which is urgently required by me to solve my domestic responsibilities. It is pertinent to mention here that the returns of loan is safe and monthly installment may be recovered directly from my salary by the SBI North Lakhimpur. Therefore, your kind honour are kindly requested to look in to the matter personally, so that the such type of negative attitude, dectatorship and monopoly towards the Force Personnel of Manager SBI North Lakhimpur,Assam could be stopped and he may be asked under what Rules of Govt. of India, Ministry of finance and RBI, Mr. Goswamy and Chief Manager of SBI North Lakhimpur has refused to sanction me Personal Loan when he has sanctioned Car Loan to Air Port Civilian employee and also to whom, who does not belongs to Assam, his service is transferable within 01 year but my service is transferable within 4 to 5 years. They have sanctioned loan to the so many Civilians but I can not sanctioned. What reason behind it, you may understand better. I do not want to disclose being a sincere officer of the Police force. I am waiting for your Justice being the Head of the State. I would like to invite your kind attention that the reply of Bank Manager is also dishonored the Constitution of India and Govt. of India Rules. Lastly I would like to pray that I am posted here by the Govt of India, Ministry of Home Affairs as well as my FHQrs New Delhi and my payment is being paid me directly by my Force HQrs New Delhi through Guwahati Airport for preparation of DD and through my disbursing Officer CISF Unit Lilabari. I am not paid by Airport Authority Lilabari. I am devoted to provide my service to Assam (North Lakhimpur, Lilabari) and I shall be here for more than 4 years. I want to provide my service in peace mind. I do not want to keep my self in tension. I do not want to bring in your kind notice my complain and my intention is not to disturbed to you my Lordship. But I am compelled to bring in your kind notice the negative attitude towards non Assamees and miss use of Power towards Force Personnel of the Manager SBI North Lakhimpur, Assam. When I shall be in tension, it will effect the efficiency of my performance. I am sure Sir, being the Head of the State and Lord of Justice you will under stand my position. Only for getting justice I am submitting my pray before your kind honour. Thanking you Sirs. This complain may not be treated as un signed please. Yours Faithfully SDXXX 28.07.2009 Md.Jahangir Alam, sub.Inspector CISF Unit Lilabari Airport North Lakhimpur
padam thapa's picture

To, APEAL Honourable Chief Minister of Assam. Shiva Thapa aim London Olympic Gold 2012, I Padam Thapa from ASSAM would like to introduced my Son Shiva Thapa of Assam, is a Junior International Boxing Champion represented India.Now he wishes to get advance training in world class boxing club abroad India, to improve his boxing skills. My elder Son govind thapa is also a boxer & represented assam in 33 National games held at guwahati 2007, won silver medal now he join in army in 58 gtc.Gorkha Regiment in shillong and he is playing in the Senior Category. I am financially weak. I cannot cover the whole expenses to give Expertise Boxing training to my son shiva thapa So I am in search of Sponsors who will sponsor the training of my son in USA OR UK I ask to Chief minister of Assam your help & support to meet financial need for my Son Shiva THAPA training in UK or USA.World class boxing club. All the International achievements of my son Shiva Thapa has given below: - Shiva thapa date of birth -8/12/1993. 1. His 1st international tournament was Hyder Aliyev International Boxing Championship held in Azerbaijan, BAKU from 6th May 08 to 11th May 08. There he won Gold Medal in 50 kg category, representing India. 2. His 2nd tournament was The IV International Sports Games "Children of Asia" held in YAKUTIA on 13th July'08. There he won Bronze Medal in 50 kg, Category, representing India. 3. His 3rd tournament was AIBA World Junior Boxing Championship held in Yeravan, Armenia from 23rd May to 30th May.09. There he won Bronze Medal in 52 kg category, representing India. Apart of all the above games he is also the champion in the National and State Junior Boxing Championships here in India. You can also know more about Shiva thapa at :- meta=&aq=f&oq= Shiva’s International Boxing Bouts Videos URL :- Awaiting eagerly for your kind positive response. SHIVA THAPA WORLD RANKING NO.2ND, With Thanks & regards, Office. PADAM THAPA Sunfresh Telecommunication Exclusive Store Of TATA INDICOM. Megha Plaza, Basistha Chariali, N.H. Way 37, GUWAHATI.PIN.- 781029, Assam, India. Emai Ph. NO.- +9192070-12872 +9192070-12871, +9192070-11051 +913612306152 HOME Birubari house no - 87. po.Gopinathnagar Guwahati 781016. Assam.
Biplab Deb's picture

Respected Sir, With heartiest respect and honour I Sri Biplab Deb and entire resident of Lalganesh, Guwahati – 781 034, would like to draw your kind attention towards the Lokhra Road, which Starts from Nepali Mandir (Paltan Bazar) to Lokhra. In the rainy season the road submerges and lefts behind huge ditches all the way. Our vehicles get broken often. Sometimes when heavy down pour is there, waist high water on the road cuts off total communication in the area of Lalganesh. We are responsible citizen of Assam and are tax payer and this situation agonize us. We therefore humbly request you to look at the matter and we promise that we will show more respect to the Government and you.
sushil Kumar Sinha's picture

Respected Sir, The present situation in Assam is totally corrupted in every field. We are reading all news lines, not a single organisation found to be served for state. The education of assam needs to be updated more. Pravitaion is required in assam. Equal opportunity to be given Barak Velly other wise, every one wish to come and settle in Guwahati, the corridore of Guhati will croud one day if communication distrupt this velly. Sir, nothing will live on this earth, only your good deeds will remain sometimes.
Smrity rekha Kalita/Namrup's picture

"A successful politician and chief minister Mr.Tarun Gogoi" Assam is a state where is full of many kinds of confusion and worries .To control itself not a easy work. But he overall succeed. He spread out many scheme ,different kinds of funds and extending facilities given to rural and urban also . Now everybody should must accept-" In future generation....can we get as like as Him as another one!!!!!"
Rishi Malhotra's picture

Mr.Gogoi I have to eventually write to you that I reside in Tinsukia Town. The roads leading to Dhuliajaan Are in Deplorable condition. The authorities are not bothered. The district administration is quiet. I fail to understand that your party M.L.A owns a Tea Estate and travels up and down on this road. Mr . Gogoi as the Chief minister of this state it is my appeal to you to travel and realise it for yourself. Kindly instruct somebody to at least look into this grievance.
Umesh Sharma's picture

Dear Sir/Madam Sub: to make compliant about Guwahati station I am sorry to say but i had very burst experience there date on 15/10/10 time morning 6.00 am place at the over bridge from Pultan Bazar to platform just when we start to walk on bridge I met 4 or 5 police men as I am physically handicap man so I got porter to carry my things . There they asked me to check all so just I open my all bags what’s they asked me that 1st I shell tell to you then all what they have done with me . 1st they asked me where am I going and what is my train time then they show my medicine then they asked Dr. letter . For all medicine then I show my health condition as I am having plaster on my leg and hand . Then as I use to carry my laptop due to my work they asked me bill of that laptop then I was showing to them my PAN card and Driving License they refuse both they told to me that they shell accept only voter I D card . As you know it was a pooja festival time so I went to MAA Kamakhya to perform pooja and there Panda gave me pooja things list in that he wrote alcoholic drink for pooja as I did not use it so I bought minimum quantity 180 ml as a prasad panda gave me lot of things in that it was also there . My train time was 6.30 am and I can not walk fast so I request them lot then they got my valet and I use to smoke so just 1 pack that one also I bought last night that also they got from my pocket now I was helpless do not know what to do as I got it that they are in police uniform criminal or I can say criminal with license to do crime . They do not knot how to talk what to talk . Even after doing all they abuse me lot in my 18 years marketing job it was a 1st time like that I have seen apart of north east every where in India even out of India but it was 1st time like that . Even in J&K also lot of checking but like that never . At last they have taken Rs. 1400/ from my valet it was only money for all travel expenditure for food water and they got my all money now I was totally helpless I got Train ticket in Tatkal so I have to get train any how and at last movement I got it . Thanks god they did not take my bank cards otherwise in that condition I was ready to leave my train . Thanks god I ware in 2nd AC coach so I got food and water when I request to waiter that I shell pay all money at Coimbatore station so I asked my friend to come there with some money . I have seen lot of police men as a criminal but only in TV news not in practical life . They planed what to do and how to do . As per me at that point checking is require because it is not going to in side station so or if you thing it should be then fix cc TV camera so you can see what is going on there . I consult here my legal consultant to file case ageist them but she told to me that 1st I should inform to Asam police so I am sending my mail to all blow listed . Please arrest them immediately to save your stat name and to save other passengers I hope that you must take action ageist them and shell do legal action . It is necessary to stop crime there as if they shell be there then ageist money they can leave criminal also who are carrying anything Looking forward for justice Umesh Sharma 1 .
Beauty Nath's picture

Respected Sir, I am a graduate in Zoology and had a great desire to have higher studies. I am very conscious about the rich faunal diversity of Assam(richest in rhinoceroses and tigers), and want to be a wildlife filmmaker to show these to the world. But unfortunately now i am striving to fulfill my dream as it is getting hard to get a master's degree in the same prospect or get a professional course on wildlife filmmaking. So, i want to ask you is there any way in Assam to achieve those things we the poor people hope for?
neemo9's picture

Sir, Why is Assam not develop as the other states.....??? Is it due to lack of money .... or something else..?


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