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An End to Militancy in Assam

It is nice to know that, the leaders of A and C companies of the 28 battalion of the ULFA has declared a unilateral cease-fire and wishes to come forward for talks with the Government within the framework of the Constitution of India.

However, the top leadership of the outfit would continue regrouping and mobilizing the cadres in the upper Assam districts. This is because militancy has become a "Profession" for them.

There is no question of any principle or ideal. It is just a means of 'Easy Money', of which the youths of North-East are extremely fond of. As such, they donot feel a pinch when sustaining themselves in the country of Bangladesh, against which the ULFA came up in during the Assam Agitation.

In Assam, militancy has become just another profession like beggery, theft, robbery and prostitution. No society is proud of these means of livelihood, but they exist.
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I am Sanjay Roy, currently residing in Delhi for last 27 years but was born in Assam. I am always mesmerised by the great cultural heritage of Assamese people. Though I am a Bengali but born in Assam, i strongly feel for Assam and have never thought myself away from its people and culture. Assam was a golden state with an example of a cohesive and tolerant society, but in recent decades, it has become more divided. Its the responsibility of each Assamese to bring back the gloy of Assam back and move it to 21st Century and also give its children a green future...I am sure and pray that it succeed in it...
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I was born in Assam. It was a very peaceful and lovely place. But it has become a disgrace to the country because of the this mafia gang called ULFA. They are not working at the interest of Assamese people but making money for themselves - only to look at their families and lifestyles. Where do they get so much money?
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Its sad that the young youths are not even understanding that they are only being used by all these people, look at the leaders staying abroad living a luxury life by taking lives of the young generation of Assam. somebody make these kids understand that by joining ULFA or any of this outfits is not the solution. they are not helping Assam but making the people of Assam lose everything because of their needs. the life of every young youth of Assam is very very precious. if they die then no wonder within a few years there will be not one single Assamese in Assam but Bangladeshis. or you never know Al Quida.

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