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NDFB-S will continue its fight for sovereign Boroland:Saoraigwra

The Songbijit faction of National Democratic Front of Boroland(NDFB-S) has expressed its firmed stand to continue its fight for sovereign Boroland against government of India.

B Saoraigwra,president of NDFB, has come down heavily on government over the reports, in a press release a day after  that the report leak out, “the government has turned down the offers of the Songbijit faction for a ceasefire to start the process of talk”, was nothing,but just to bring disorder to the Boro people.

‘Now and again India offers for a ceasefire and sometimes turns down the offers themselves. It is the childish political language of the Indian government.We are not aginst of talk if the India is ready to recognise the indigenous right,historical right and political right of the Boro people, the NDFB is ready to hold talk’,said Saoraigwra.

The NDFB has been fighting for its sovereign land since many years.Thousands of Boro people had sacrifice their life for the scak of our mother land.Therefore, there is no question of surrendering our principle and ideology to the Indian government by making a ceasefire agreement.Unless Boro people get its own sovereign land, NDFB will continue to fight for sovereign Boroland.The government of India will hold talk or not it’s up to them,don’t bother about it.Also,NDFB has not sent feeler for ceasfire agreement and it’s totally false statement of the Indian government,the militant outfit leader said.

‘The operation lunch by the police and security forces upon the boro people is nothing but to cruch down the indigenous people with their mighty hand,he said adding that as they know that the nationlist spirit has deep rooted in the hearts of the Boro people.So,to uproot the Boroland movement Indian government had lunch the search operation against the NDFB.With her barbaric nature the government of India will not able to eradicate the nationalism of the Boro people,he said.

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Reporting from Kokrajhar

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