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Tea garden blocks wild elephant corridor in Udalguri

The construction of power fencing  around wild elephant habitats and corridors in and around tea gardens in Udalguri district has been decried by wildlife activists and various organizations.Recently,Paneri and Bhutiachang tea gardens under McLeod and Russel group have been erecting permanent power fencing in ther respective tea gardens preventing movements on wild elephant herds numbering more than hundred in Udalguri district raised serious concern. Herds of wild elephants have started arriving at various places of the plains of Udalguri district following age old traditional routes known as elephant corridors and shelters.Such an traditional elephant shelter is Gomari Bagan,located in between Bhutiachang and Paneri tea gardens under McLeod and Russel Ltd. near No.4 Bhutiachang village,where man and wild elephants have been living together for several decades without much conflict.The herds of wild elephants numbering more than hundred in a herd have been taking shelter in Gomari Bagan,a shaddy cool place full of Gomari trees.All the government and forest reserve lands had been encroached and forest cover destroyed by people leaving no room for wild elephants to take shelter,except tea gardens of Udalguri district.So wild elephants like tall tea garden grasslands locally known as Guatemala.They like these tall grasses as it provides them good cover for delivering babies.The "Elephants on The Line", programme launched in 2014-15 in Udalguri district to create awareness among people in order to minimize man -elephant conflict in the district.The programme was launched by a few wildlife activists of Assam namely-Mubina Akhtar,Jayanta Kumar Das,Dr.KK Sarma,Dipen Boro,Dr.Pranjal Bezbarua,Lisa Mills (USA) etc. in association with Deputy Commissioner and DFO of Udalguri district.The programme members also involved tea garden managements operating in the district namely-McLeod Russel Ltd,Goodricke Tea,Tata Tea etc in the conservation of wild elephants and also to create awareness among villagers so as to minimize causalities of both man and wild elephants.Accordingly,tea garden managements were requested to support by providing free passage,shelter,drinking water tanks or ponds and temporary habitats for wild elephants in respective gardens.They were also requested to hire at least one domestic Kunki elephant to protect houses of workers as well as the villagers.Most of the tea garden managements  namely-Nonaipara and Orangajuli of Goodricke India; Bhutiachang and Paneri under McLeod Russel Ltd;Majuli TE under Tata Amalgamated offered cooperation for the cause.The result was amazinly positive.As a result of the hard works of the members of "Elephants on The Line", death rate of wild elephants came down drastically to three only in 2017,while the numbers of death were 23 in 2014,21 in 2015,8 in 2016 and only 3 in 2017 (till now). Unfortunately,the changing situation in 2017 has now posing problems for wild elephant herds.It is noticed that Paneri tea garden has already blocked entry of wild elephants by erecting power fence. Bhutiachang tea garden too is now constructing power fence there by blocking entry of wild elephants to Gomari Bagan.Thirty percent of construction has already been completed, forcing wild elephants to roam in the nearby villages,which is likely to increase conflict between man and elephants. Wildlife activist Rajen Boro of Bhutiachang told this correspondent that Gomari Bagan must not be fenced as loosing the age old traditional shelter,wild elephant might create havoc in nearby villages.

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Miscreant lynched in mob attack

5 May 2014 - 4:45pm | AT News

In a bizarre incident, local residents in an interior area in Dhubri district lynched a miscreant on its way to attack a political leader.

The incident took place at Patakata in South Samara sub division on Monday morning where local residents caught three armed youths as they were trying to attack a local leader.

One of the armed youths died on the spot while two others, who are in police custody, have been battling for life in the hospital.     

Diwali celebrations lit up Britain's House of Commons

9 Nov 2010 - 4:07pm | Rini Kakati

In Britain, Diwali, the festival of lights, the main Hindu festival and second largest religious festival in the UK was celebrated on Wednesday, October 23, 2010, in the House of Commons. Followed by traditional lamp lighting before a bronze figure of Ram standing amidst traditional rangoli patterns.

Lord Ram Chandra whose home coming is celebrated as Diwali, worshipped as the perfect monarch by Hindus wordwide. This tradition is still observed by Hindus on Diwali night to mark the victory of good over evil and light over darkness. His rule odf law is still held as an example of perfect social order and well being. The festive joy of Diwali its colourful exuberance and its universal message of peace, reconciliation, justice and family values appeals to people of all faiths and none.

Britain is a nation of many faiths and culture and the mother of all democracies. The institution of the British parliament has upheld the best principles of equality, justice and peace that have influenced and affected world ethos and thoughts. Its diversity is the envy of the world. The House of Commons is the (Lower House) of the parliament of the United Kingdom, which also comprises the Sovereign and the House of Lords the (Upper House). Both Commons and Lords meet in the Palace of Westminster.

The celebration of Diwali in the House of Commons is therefore a fitting tribute to the legacy and friendship between India and Britain. This multi-party event is an expression of the British Hindu communities success in cohesively integrating into British society. It offers parliamentarians, civil servants, faith leaders, business persons, youth, women and elders a unique opportunity to showcase the Hindu contribution to the British way of life.

The evening transforms the Members room at the House of Commons, Palace of Westminster into a mini-India with its colourful decorations, lamps, floral patterns, Hindu images, sweets and Indian music and dance.

Prime Minister David Cameron sent a warm Diwali message. The Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, Attorney General Dominic Grieve and the Leader of the Labour Party Ed Miliband all helped to light the lamp of the Hindu Forum of Britain's celebration of Diwali. Dignitaries were welcomed with the traditional 'tilak' being applied to forehead and offer sweets. On his opening speech Deputy Prime Minister and Leader of the Liberal Democrat party RT. Hon. Nick Clegg MP said " the Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist and Jain communities have made and continue to make an enormous contribution to British society and culture and its great that so many people up and down the country celebrate Diwali. The festival of lights is a real opportunity for all of us to celebrate that contribution and to reflect on the spirit of hope and optimism which Diwali embodies". v Leader of Her Majesty's Oppostion and the Leader of the Labour Party RT. Hon. Ed Miliband MP said " this wonderful festival is a brilliant example of the great cultural diversity of our country and it is an opportunity for us to reflect on what we have achieved and on our hopes for the future".

Attended by over 120 MPs from all parties. Peers, local councillors, community leaders, volunteers and members of the public in one of the largest gatherings of Hindus in the House and also Rini Kakati, Director of FASS UK was also present at this event. Vijay Mallya, founder of united breweries and Member of India's Rajya Sabha (Upper House) made a guest appearance after receiving 'Entrepreneur of the year' accolades at the Asian Awards the night before.

The celebration ended with everybody singing the Indian National Anthem.

Rigging, booth capturing in panchayat poll

9 Jan 2008 - 8:38am | editor
Rigging and booth capturing is reported in many places of Assam in the third phase of pnachayat polls which is going on. According to information, a booth capturing incident rocked Morigaon district in the first half hours. In Barpeta a few booths have been captured by the miscreants. Similar incidents have been reported in Barak valley also. The voting began at 7 in the morning to end at 5 in the evening. Turn out so far is said to be seventy per cent.