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New short film: Obosheshot

Assamese short film, Obosheshot (At Last...), directed by filmmaker Arindam Barooah, is based on a short story titled, 'Devdoot' by Dr. Bhabendra Nath Saikia. The film is a fictional drama that explores the subject of essence of mother’s sacrifice and love towards her children. It has been selected for various Film Festivals in and outside India

This story is about Numoli, a young girl who belongs to a village crippled by superstitions. In the midst of this, is the mother whose love and sacrifice for her child acts as a barrier against the tribulations of the world and her strives to give her child a voice, the use of which she has forfeited due to unfortunatecircumstances.

The film manages to impress jury and received accolades &official selections in various Film Festivals like 'Honourable Jury Mention Award at the prestigious 7th Dada SahebPhalke Film Festival -17, Delhi,Special Festival Mention at 6th Bangalore Shorts Film Festival-17 and Outstanding Achievement Award at Calcutta International Cult Film Festivaland have been officially selected for screenings at other film festivals like the prestigious 12th Cyprus International Film Festival, Pafos, Cyprus, FICOCC - FIVE CONTINENTS INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL- 2017,  Venezuela , Barcelona Planet Film Festival, Spain, SHORT to the Point - International Short Film Festival 2017, Bucharest, Romania, 6th Kolkata Shorts International Film Festival-2017& Meraki International Short Film Festival, Bangalore. The film was also invited by Department of Mass Communication of GauhatiUniversity for screening on its occasion of Annual Fest, Communika. 

The Leads have been played by DipikaGogoi&AnjjanDhonBordoloi. Other supporting casts include Debo Kumar Rajkhowa, Jharna Sharma Devchoudhury, Padma Dolakasharia, AnamikaSensua, PratimGogoi etc. 

The Script has been penned down by Rita BhuyanBarooah&BhavnaDevchoudhury.Cinematography is done by ThangmaismNishantaSingha&BhaskarJyoti Dutta. DigantaGogoiis the Editor and Production Controller/Line Producer of the film is Kamal Rajkhowa. Music has been scored byJagoranSaikia. NibeditaSaikia&Dilwar Ahmed are the Assistant Directors of the film. The short film was shot in the vicinity of Duliajan, Assam like Sasoni, KachariPathar with a limited budget & crew.




Synopsis of ‘Oboseshot (At last...)’

What happens when the child of a demon is born in a village, where superstitions run amok? Where people are gripped by fear and apprehension. In the midst of this, is the mother whose love and sacrifice for her child acts as a barrier against the tribulations of the world. It is the tale of Numoli, who strives to give her child a voice, the use of which she has forfeited. While the villagers deem her to be possessed and impregnated by the demon, only she knows what hurts her. And when the demon returns to her life, although she is filled with rage and hatred, all she can ask for is her voice; to teach her child to speak and who needs his mother’s voice to comfort him. For now, only the words ‘bou’ (Mother) in her child’s voice can sweep away all her life.


Cast & Crew List

Direction & Screenplay: ArindamBarooah

Director of Photography: ThangmaismNishantaSingha&BhaskarJyoti Dutta

Story: Based on a short story, ‘Devdoot’ by LateDr.BhabendraNathSaikia

Script: Rita BhuyanBarooah&BhavnaDevchoudhury

Dialogues: Rita BhuyanBarooah

Editing: DigantaGogoi

Background Music: JagoranSaikia

Production Controller: Kamal Rajkhowa

Make-Up & Costumes: Priyanka SaikiaGomseng

Asst. Director: NibeditaSaikia&Dilwar Ahmed

Asst. DOP: ParthaNeog

Asst. Production Controller: Porosh Dutta & Ashok Roy

Still Photography: Dilwar Ahmed &Porosh Dutta

Cast:   Dipika Gogoi

            Anjjan Dhon Bordoloi

            Jharna Sharma Devchoudhury

            Padma Dolakasharia

            Debo Kumar Rajkhowa

            Anamika Sensua

            Pratim Gogoi

            Khirod Kalita

            Runu Handique

            Kakoli Handique

            Bibhuti Saikia

            Amrit Hazarika

            Suna Das Bora

Special Thanks:

            Anurag Biswasi

            Abhijit Dutta

            Chinku Rajkhowa


            Abhijit Bhattacharjee

            Neel Kamal Boro

            Momi Rajkhowa

            Kaberi Borah

            Mamcha Pangtha

            Himadri Sandilya


Honours & Recognitions

  • Honorable Jury Mention at 7th Dada SahebPhalke Film Festival - 2017, Delhi, India
  • Outstanding Achievement Award at 6th Season of Calcutta International Cult Film Festival 2017, Kolkata, India
  • Special Festival Mention at 6th Bangalore Shorts Film Festival-17, Bangalore, India
  • Official Selection at 12th Cyprus International Film Festival, Pafos, Cyprus
  • Official Selection at Barcelona Planet Film Festival 2017, Barcelona, Spain
  • Official Selection at SHORT to the Point - International Short Film Festival 2017, Bucharest, Romania
  • Official Selection at 6th Kolkata Shorts International Film Festival-2017, Kolkata, India
  • Official Selection at Meraki International Short Film Festival - 17, Bangalore, India
  • Semi-Finalist at Lakecity Film Festival 2017, Lagos, Nigeria
  • Special Screening organised by Dept. of Communication & Journalism, Gauhati University, Guwahati, Assam


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