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Undying festivity in Namrup

NAMRUP: Bihu festivity still grips Namrup as the industrial town is holding a three days festival amid much pomp and gaiety.

People thronged in thousands at the Namrup BVFCL Public Bihu Auditorium to get soaked in the festivity of the annual spring gala which got underway on Friday.

The  event started with  Tileswar Bora hosting the flag in presence of Ranjit Baruah to be followed by the tribute to Kamaleswar Gogoi. After that the inauguration of Central Bihu stage by  Bornamghar Husori Team with a spectacular performance .

The focus fell on the cultural procession flagged off by MLA  Naren Sonowal comprising around 12 teams which  include Ramai Lasang Mising Kristi Dol , Rajgarh Rangali Jhumur Dol , Benganabari Boro Nritya Dol , Dasatong , Patkai Group , Dalang Gaon Husori Dol , Ou Ouri Nritya Dol , Gorkha Nritya Dol etc and many more. 

Solo Competition on Bihu Dance  , Dhul Badan , Pepa Badan , Fashion Competition on State dress , Bihu Naam competition and on 6 pm prize competition dominating the Saturday agenda.

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Journalist based in Namrup, Assam.

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