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Contour disciplining exigencies in social media

We need to use the social media wisely. But this call is getting lost in a world where anything that is talked about online are caricatured by opportunistic and outrage-mongers. This medium, which is creating more upheavals than connections in societies around the world, should be understood that we choose to assimilate these services into our daily lives because they allow us to deepen social connections and enable us to exercise ourselves in a manner that was unthinkable before their coming. 

Many would agree to the fact that after “nature” comes only “social media” in terms of gross misuse. We are witnessing the phenomenon of changing patterns in climate and irrational nature behavior spilling over to the social media, now. The damage that this medium has done to the world is not only far greater than the previous, one would reckon, but also at a record time. The nearest of such a damage is the Punjabi Lane area of Bara Bazar in Meghalaya’s capital, Shillong where the Dalit Sikhs – who have been engaged by the erstwhile British Raj to keep the town and their establishments clean – are now facing relocation following an eve teasing incident that went viral on the social media here forcing the state government to ban internet for weeks. Following the exit of the Britons, these Dalit Sikhs were engaged by the civic authorities of the successive governments and now Government of Meghalaya for manual scavenging works. 

But amidst these hammerings, one cannot undermine the world of opportunities that the social media offers. These services have created millions of jobs, new business ecosystems and helped fuel the rise of the digital economy that brings broad societal benefit, which is ubiquitous. But the other side of this coin is entirely opposite, which is swaying more heavy and inundating the good side. 

Those engaged in the profession of journalism would agree that there is often a dissent about things not appearing the way people want or like it. The word “like” has gained more value than it has ever been before, with the advent of Facebook. The conventional media – print or electronic – follows a certain prescribed decorum in their operations, which is more often than not “liked” by the readers. Then came the likes of Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram and the rest of it, which actually allows people to engage in brouhaha on any subject matter without actually caring for their words. The encryption part of these mediums makes the task easier since it is just next to impossible to nab the origin and culprits. However, there is no discounting the fact that sheer balkanization in the form of “nuisances”, “rumors”, “bigoted views” floods the platforms amidst genuine feeds, which has been going on for a while and long predates this medium. 

In his op-ed “Social Media Is Making Us Dumber. Here’s Exhibit A”, Jesse Singal writes in The New York Times, “That’s because the pernicious social dynamics of these online spaces hammer home the idea that anyone who disagrees with you on any controversial subject, even a little bit, is incorrigibly dumb or evil or suspect. On a wide and expanding range of issues, there’s no such thing as good-faith disagreement.” So, why is it happening? The answer is perhaps not that hard to figure out. An uncontrolled child would in 99.99% of the cases going to cause headaches. The malaise with the social media is this lack of control. It is often seen in India that those who are domesticating animals, especially cows, takes them out on a grassy open space for grazing and tie them to a clamp, to prevent from going out of control. The social media is an untied cow – which has gone astray, and until it is realized that it has to be tied up we aren’t going to find a solution to the mess that has been created. But this tying is not “burying voices” rather “contour disciplining”.

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State Level Essay Competition

17 Jan 2019 - 8:21am | Dr Buljit Buragohain

Girijananda Chowdhury Institute of Management & Technology (GIMT), Tezpur has organized a state level essay competition for the students of class IX to XII.

The topic for the essay competition is 'Role of Technology in National Progress/ৰাষ্ট্ৰীয় প্ৰগতিৰ ক্ষেত্ৰত প্ৰযুক্তিবিদ্যাৰ ভূমিকা'.

The participants can submit their essays either in English or Assamese within word limit of 1500-2000.

Essays should be submitted in clean handwritten or typed form in a single file (preferably in pdf format). In the first page the participants should mention his/her name, postal address, Email ID, phone number, name of school/college, standard (class).

The last page should contain a signed declaration about originality of the essay by the participant.

In case of online submission the soft copies should be sent to the following email ID: In case of postal submission the essays should be sent to the 'Coordinator, Essay Competition, GIMT Tezpur, Kunderbari, Dekargaon, Sonitpur, PIN- 784501(Assam).

The last date of submission of the essays is 30th January, 2019.

The organizing committee has informed that the winners of the competition will be awarded with attractive cash prizes, certificates as well.

For more information competitors may contact over phone numbers 9864044013, 9706592961.

Kaziranga WLS to award JFMC, Bhairabkunda

7 Aug 2016 - 7:50pm | Jayanta Kumar Das

Kaziranga Wildlife Society (KWS), an oldest organization of Assam working in the field of conservation of flora and fauna is going to present this years “Life time Conservation Achievement Award” to JFMC Bhairabkunda,where a group of villagers have planted more than fourteen lakhs saplings of valuable species in an area of 5500 bigha land near Assam-Arunachal-Bhutan border at Bhairabkunda since 2005.This has been informed by Mubina Akhtar,Secretary,Kaziranga Wildlife Society. The felicitation ceremony will be held on August 12 at Pensioners Bhawan, Chandmari, Guwahati at 10 am. Last year the award was given to Green Oscar Award winner wildlife film maker Mike Pandey. It has been a story of great success for villagers of six villages who had started something very great in the year 2003 when thirty five numbers of village people formed and registered “Sonaigaon Multipurpose Farm” for cultivation,farming purposes. It had been a historic turn when these people came into contact of Naba Kumar Bordoloi, then Forest Range Officer serving at Bhairabkunda Reserve Forest. Forest officer Bordoloi convinced members of the farm to proceed with plantion of trees under JFMC (Joint Forest Management) scheme. In 2005 process of documentation,survey etc had been done and proposal was submitted to Misistry of Environment and Forest government of India. Plantation was done during 2007 to 2011. It has been a continous procees when people of the six villages, students, woman etc had been planting more than 14 lakhs of saplings till 2012 (which could be a world record).All the saplings had been well protected by the members.Its a matter of pleasure that wild animals like elephants, leopards, mangoos, python, deer, wild boar, various species of snakes etc. A flying snake of paradise species was also seen in the forest last year in 2015. Wild elephants were seen delivering babies in this forest last year bringing a ray of hope in mitigating severe “Man-elephant conflict” in Udalguri district. So far more than 83 people and 35 numbers of wild elephants have lost lives in the district during last five years (2012-2016) because of rapid destruction of forests. The arrival of wild elephants has been a good sign, as they could live peacefully in the forest with plenty of fodder and drinking water. Presently the man made forest has a new name-Gedsimani JFMC Forest.


Shooting star Reshmi Thaosen felicitated

6 Nov 2015 - 10:06am | Swambudhan Phonglo

16th National ranking & number one State ranking of Shooting (Sports) Championship Reshmi Thaosen from Haflong has been felicitated by the Dimasa Students' Community, Guwahati (DSCG) lead by President Mandeep Phonglo accompanied by its General Secretary Sarporaj Hojai and numerous members on Thursday at Guwahati Shooting Range, Kahilipara.

She has been felicitated with Dimasa traditional Rikhaosa and certifate of honour for her victory in 9th All India Police Shooting (Sports) Championship' 2015 in the event of Sports Rifle 50 metre Prone (women) and 3 P 50 metre (women); where she bagged 2 bronze medals in the duo events.

While talking to this newsman she uttered that in the recently concluded North East Shooting Championship held at Manipur she was also placed 2nd and 3rd position in the event of Sports Rifle 50 metre Prone (women) and 3 P 50 metre (women) respectively.

16th National rank holder has briefed emotionally to the attendees that she is lacking personal sports rifle which is standing as a hindrance for her superior achievement in the competition which she deserves to hold. Simultaneously her Coach Dilip Gaonkhowa supporting to her utterance added that "If Reshmi Thaosen will be aided with personal sports rifle I can assure that she will be able to place herself from the stated national ranking to number one within a year".

Relying to it the coach further explicited that this contribution will definitely help the general people of Dima Hasao Autonomous District at large in the field of shooting.

When asked about the assistance from North Cachar Hills Autonomous Council (NCHAC) she retorted that during the government of Ex CEM Debojeet Thaosen "I was provided a financial assistance amounting to Rs 2 Lakhswhen prayed for Rs 3 Lakhs - the cost of the sports rifle, which is still awaited but I was informed by the authority that Rs 1 Lakh has been sanctioned.

Nevertheless it has not been transferred to my account which I am insisted for at the earliest as initially I am using Assam Rifles Associations' sports rifle".

Thaosen suggested the people and sports authority of Dima Hasao district to establish a Shooting club which will be benefited to all and through this club she will extend her sound help.

Coach Gaonkhowa who have trained Reshmi Thaosen since 2012 strongly pointed out that the North Easterns' denizens are expert in shooting so a minor training will definitely make them a great shooter, so shooting club in the district will be a good initiative for the interest of the inhabitants.

General Secretary of DSCG Sarporaj Hojai while congratulating for her achievement extend his gratitude mentioning that she is pride of Dimasa community and DSCG will wholeheartedly try their level best to knock the door of the NCHAC authorities for the aid she sought for.