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Gogoi hopes gas cracker project to be completed in time

Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi said the gas cracker project at Lepetkota in Dibrugarh would be completed in time . The Chief Minister on Sunday visited the multi-crore project and reviewed its progress with high level officers. The senior officials of the project explained the progress of work with a map during the discussion. He admitted that various reasons forced delay in the project but of late, it is progressing rapidly.

Prime minister Manmohan Singh laid the cornerstone of the multi-crore project in April 26, 2006.. The prime minister announced that the project would be completed within a period of five years.
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Amarjit Gogoi's picture

We are very happy to know that the gas craker project will completed very soon after begining the work including 5 years. Still we are waiting for the grand project completion at dibrugarh.
Md. Yasin Ali's picture

We are very happy to know that the gas craker will completed very soon after beginning the work and complete in five years. so we are waiting the grand project complete at dibrugarh. And I hope that so many educated unemployed like me and they do job at gas craker and earn.
rajib's picture

Can anyone i give me the mobile no. of Anupa Lahkar, a recent pass out from Tezpur University? I saw her name in the comments section once. Isn't she the budding journalist, a student of mass comm and journalism dept of T.U.?
Pallavi's picture

Mr. Rajib, Kindly enquire the number of the person mentioned by you in the office of department of the mentioned subject. You will find the office telephone number in the Tezpur University website, ---that's the only way I can suggest. Some of us may know some people, but this public forum is no place to put up contact numbers.
M KALKITA's picture

This will remain as hope in gogoi's life.they are simply givig an hope for the people's of northeast that they will give job under this project.only 40 people were invited for interview.this is not a justice.
Rajiv's picture

Right said M KALKITA. Some news piece by assam tribune. AASU did provide their basic demands.Its true that one project cannot take all of the unemplyment from the state. Also ,100% may not be a justified demand but i think 80% : 20% percent is justified one. It very important that brilliant students be at top because else the project may go hayway and this will again prevent the feasible futuristic employment.
Sanowar Hussain's picture

We are glad to know that the gas cracker project of assam will be completed within five years from the beginning. I hope that 80% of educated unemployed assamese people will get job in the project.joi aai asom.

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