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Zubeen Garg and several organizations come together to create awareness of preserving wildlife in Kaziranga

Guwahati: Zubeen Garg is set to join other organizations to create awareness to save animals in Kaziranga National Park (KNP).

KNP has been declared as a world Heritage site by the UNESCO. KNP has always faced a problem of poaching and especially this year the numbers have been alarming as nine rhinos have been already killed till date. Moreover, many animals are killed due to accidents in the NH – 37 when they cross the highway to move to the safety of the hills especially in the monsoons. Sometimes the villagers also kill animals when they come out of their shelters due to floods.

Zubeen will attend four awareness meetings at Kohora, Burapahar, Kuthari and Bokakhat on 1st of August. The theme would be to "Save Animals and Preserve Kaziranga". On this occasion a special song has also been created alongwith another popular young composer Diganta Bharali.

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