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Illegal abortion of minor, Hospital owner, and youth held

Guwahati: Guwahati city police have arrested a private hospital owner with a lady doctor and a youth for allegedly conducting an abortion to a minor on Sunday night. Panbazaar Police has registered a foeticide case against them.

The girl aging about 14 years accused her lover Amar Sharma (30 years) of Raha in Nagaon district for her pregnancy. According to her, Amar misguided her taking advantage of her inocence. When Amar came to know about her pregnancy, he brought her to a city nursing home Wintrobe and arranged for immediate abortion paying a cash amount of Rs. 2000 to the hospital authorities. When police got information about this,a team from Pan Bazaar police station reached the hospital and rescued the girl. Supreme Court of India recently held that any kind of sexual relations with a minor is equivalent to rape.

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Dr. Hemanta Kumar Gogoi's picture

Unmarried mothers pose a serious problem and burden to the society. Unfortunately, the magnitude of the problem is ever increasing all over world, and Assam is no exception. The question is whether we expose these unfortunate mothers to the public with the help of police and the media or help them out of crisis by medical termination of pregnancy under expert care instead of allowing them to go for unsafe abortions under the quacks (a desparate step most likely to be taken by most of the guardians). I do not think that our society is liberal enough to rehabilate these victims and wonder how people who make such hues and cries over such incidents of MTP would react should such misfortune befall to some minor members in their own family. Can someone solve a doctor's dilemma in a situation like this ?
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I entirely agree with Dr. Gogoi. I think instead of creating a ruckus, the police should take care of the person who is responsible and the unmarried mothers should be helped in all possible ways and re-habilate them.

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