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3 earthquakes strike Assam in 9 hours

Parts of Assam and north eastern region were shaking in the third one tremor in a period of ten years on Monday. Nine hours after a major and a mild earthquake in Bhutan rattled Assam its adjoining region, yet another mild quake struck on Monday midnight where magnitude was 5.6 in the Richter Scale. However, there is no report of any loss of life and property. But the panic stricken people wwere coming out of their houses in the fear of being collpased. It may be noted that a strong 6.3 magnitude earth quake rattled Assam and the parts of north eastern region on Monday afternoon at around 2-23 which was followed by the second one at 2-42 PM.

According to the Meteorological Department, a 5.7 magnitude earthquake rocked parts of Assam in the North East at 1.08 am Tuesday with the epicentre located along Myanmar. The tremor was experienced in the northeastern states of Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland and Manipur, besides Myanmar.

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North-East India is the "Africa of Asia"----warring tribes, numerous tribe-lands, autonomous councils, extortionists in the form of insurgents, divisive student politics, Inner line permits for racist and xenophobic hill states, encroaching the Assam land by neighbouring hostile tribes....better this primitive tribal mindset and Tribalism ends in the early part of the 21st century. As it is, this diverse region will never ever see Peace and Harmony. On the event of a massive earthquake, this region better become like the Caspian Sea or the Dead Sea.
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Dorika your frustration is justified and me too like few other common people.But Dorika,do you feel these militant,insurgeent problems,illegal land encroaching,etc etc are beaucse of tribal mindset????? From the cosmetic point of view yes tribal mindset but dont you think these common peace loving tribals can do that on own??? Is not the state,central goverments and politicians the main reasons behind that making facial dressing on these tribals for their own gains????Being from Assam,i see assam politicians and central government are the main culprit behind these problems.ULFA issue is keeping alive by both the governments and state politics created division among tribals and help creating autonomous.Same holds true with other NE states.
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I don't keep blaming the govt for everything. Student politics and student unions have ruined Assam and North East. Instead of progressive thinking, people are going back to primitive tribal thinking. Why, don't these people have reasoning power? Why has the centre failed to divide other regions and succeeded only in NE? Surely, because there is a fault in us. They know the weak points of the people out here very well. Disunited, tribal jingoism by student leaders who talk about seperate lands but not work culture and vocational education.....Disunity in way to keep the region backward and dependent on other economies.
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if u are so worried and frustrated, then why dont you go to change them..only saying is not enough..

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