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Rain brings flood in Guwahati

Rainwaters seem to have wrecked havoc in Guwahati. Several parts in the city have been submerged by waters following heavy downpour that lashed Guwahati for several hours. The affected areas include Lachit nagar, Anil nagar, Chandmari, Zooroad where traffic snarls disrupted surface communication in the afternoon.

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its like no ones appeal its natures appeal showing how the drainage system effected the areas that are ignored by responsible holders as a growing metropolitian city, as a concern citizen and a writer (meta-physics) of my hometown
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issue:road,drainage system, environment and proper functioning of our city, road constructions "first of all we are guwahatians as a citizen we have the rights to appeal for a noble deed OK first people should first cut off our complexes/rich /poor/(-)/+)you will receive (+)impact appeal(-)you will receive(+) impact so rather be positive he are humans after all axiomatically speaking universally as well as vise versa speaking also-we have complexes s like Assamese -luv hinkha ,bhaw,attitude,greed,superiority complexes etc negative thought (living together is one appeal way)like we are all like one part of the same coin after all we are all same(living together in one appealing way ). so my point of view is we agree in Assam and dispur is said to be the gateway of northeast of guwahati or center point of the so call seven sister our connection should be an a brotherhood relationship so I m we know g.s road is said to be the longest Guwahati-shillog road. since British people of the east India company build the first infrastructure road e.i road ,now as we are getting so many traffic jam problem the soil of guwahati city is very soft for raising 20 or 3o story infrastructure building ,roads are getting smaller (negligence by contractors),see in future we cannot demolished boundary owner of their property both government and public property . look my main point is how to make sooner noagoan-guwahati-shillong a green clean double by lane road for faster super high way communication transport system because of traffic pollution and population combustion that is the problem of the issue now, we Assamese people should show that we are proud of and show to the central government that we are capable of and proud to be a part of Assamese culture. Now all over the moth-east all students and working people are the creating a hub in guwahati, all is gathering in the say epicenter guwahati. so it is our soul purpose to show our next propagation(next generation) as a clean green city i have also appealed globally that for one day in a year we all citizen and students should plant a tree every tear so that one day our next generation will be proud of us and remember us in the future what we have done but are we doing it we are just saying not doing its high time that we should appeal and be one and do and so to the world what we are capable of full of wealth and health if we don’t maintain our law of administrative, civil and legislative and we must know the thing for a proper function to activate properly that is propaganda, development and sustenance and maintenance without the function we are in full peril. if we see our city from an Ariel view we can call that we are living in a very important part of our planet seriously saying or thinking or appeal as we say shillong 2 bye lane road –nagaow 2 bye lane road and my appeal is government should investigate these road construction system –and as we know axiomatically half of the money sanction by government goes to the billing of the contractor engineering plot(as we know everyone needs money to build their own self property of their decision so we should investigate in disguised undercover government people to keep analyzing if the system is going fair or unfair ok think the population of the people in guwahati and traffic by the next by year by year multiply say 5 years later their will be no space to habitat so we have to think about the future (hobo)so we so e have to show an example to the west India government what we are capable of “my motto is “we all are humans is that we all should be one in the name of mankind, mortality and humankind :we are all part of the same species ,so at least our motherland and mother toughn guwahati should be clean green ,hygienic, like dust free ,and Assam green reserve wildlife like our heritage kaziranga (only one horn rhino species left)majuli largest river island in the world ,as bramaputra can be said as the largest river in the world from china to lower Bangladesh sea,cherrepunji highest rainfall in the world ,Himalaya range and mount Everest is close by, majority tea estate are from north –east systematic functioning of the city ,small lane-by-lane should be repaired alignment of the drainage system should be in proper order we should share Japanese and australis-metro train city kind of construction system in between barrier between two subway system as 3-4 years ago some one appealed we should show the rest of Indian state that what guwahati is should be like if we are or should be a noble citizen that we can be proud of our self. Saiful tariq baruah

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