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The Crazy Muslim Autonomous Council demand

The demand for Autonomous Council is not new in the politics of Assam, but how ever what would one comment on the demand for Autonomous Muslim council by Rashul Haque , who is now in the “Congress Gharana”, after being expelled from AUDF for same demand he had raised. One can understand the political demand for a separate Bodoland demanded by the leaders of the BPF and supported by other leaders of the particular community. The demand for separate Bodoland has invited some fierce political reaction from the opposition specially because there are three cabinet ministers in the government.

Though morally one can no longer support any division of the state of Assam yet there is no any secular demand as made by Rashul Haque of the “Congress Gharana”. Though the congress had to make any sharp reaction on the demand made by the newly joined member, I wonder if one can expect that in the long run the Guru,s of the great Gharana will teach their “Sishyas” about how to sing the chorous of demands publicly. I also wonder if the Guru,s write and direct about any sensitive script to draw the attention of the people like in the television reality shows.

It won’t be any exaggeration to say that at times freedom of speech can create such utter nuisance in the name of building, and safeguarding the society or a community or a religion. At this juncture one can only wish the King had existed and the game would have been over for once and for all. A party that boosts about secularism practice has the least courage to stand against those unsecular people when it’s in their courtyard, had someone from other party raised the same issue like Rashul Haque, the congress would have been the first to make the hue and cry. In the last Rajya Sabha election people of the state had seen how Rumi Nath, and Kartik Sen Sinha ,the then BJP MLA, had suddenly become secular once it had supported the congress in the election, but till the other day they were hardcore BJP and thus were unsecular but once they had changed their “ GHARANA” they became holy and pious and their sins were washed away under the congress roof. Thus whatever now Rashul Haque says, he can do no SIN, because at this moment he is now safe. One can only wait and see if the public votes him and sings his chorus.

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