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Outdated,incomplete information on Nagaon dist admn website

The Nagaon district administration’s website maintained by National Informatics Centre , continues to carry outdated and incomplete information. For example, on the Nagaon district administration page, accessible by clicking the ‘Nagaon district administration’ option on the menu bar on the home page , the district administration says the O/C of Raha police station is Dipak Bora but Dipak Bora is no longer an O/C belong to Raha P S . He has been transferred from Raha several months ago. What is ridiculous is that the website still mentions Dipak Bora as the O/C of Raha P S where as Arun Kr Bora is serving the post at present.

In mentioning the district’s Tourism information, the page , accessible under ‘Nagaon Tourism’ menu on the home page, has drastically failed to provide a detailed and suitable information about Raha. The page mentions ‘Raha , situated at about 22 km west of Nagaon. It was an important Chowki during the Ahom days. Today , Raha is an important trade centre for agricultural products such as paddy , jute and mustard. An important institution here is the Fishery Training College-the first of its kind in Nagaon. ‘

What is most shoking is that the page is silent about the fact that Assam’s first Chief Minister,then known Prime Minister, Lokopriya Gopinath Bordoloi was born at Raha in the year 1890 and therefore Raha is also known as the birth place of this great son of Assam. What is more the page does not mention about the Lokopriya Gopinath Bordoloi Museum, located at the heart of the Raha town, which can also be regarded as historic tourist site of Nagaon district.Likewise nothing is mentioned about the historic ‘ Jongal Balohu Gar’ situated a few kilometers distance of Raha in the page.

Again there is no information about the Nagaon district Veternay department on ‘ Naagaon district administration’ page as a result of which an user faces problems seeking for such kind of information.

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