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Demand for a strong incharge minster for Dhubri

In Dhubri district, there are seven assembly segments but congress won just one. There is now outcry in the district congress circle blaming rural voters of the district for such a result. However, the attitude of the congress leadership of the district is itself responsible for such a poor result.

Now the election is over, and the time for lobbying. Even, the looser congress candidates of this district are lobbying to secure their future prospects. Some reliable sources reveal that a strange situation is prevailing here. For example, Abu Taher Ali Bepari, the congress candidate from Golakganj only won in this district as a congress candidate. He won the seat for the second time. Now, some of the other looser candidates of the Congress from the district are against his birth in the ministry because they are afraid of loosing their importance in the party. They are now lobbying for Sukur Ali Ahmed, the congress candidate who won from Jania of Barpeta district. Amazingly, all of them including Abu Taher Ali Bepari have the view that either Sukur Ali or Dr. Nazrul Islam should the in charge of the Dhubri district. It is mentionable that Dr. Nazrul Islam is the in charge minister of Dhubri since last ten years and according to concern people, nothing fruitful happened. Now the grass root level congress workers and people in general are expecting to have Himanta Biswa Sharma or some one like him who can act tough. However, all the congress leaders here are afraid of such situation as they feel a strong in charge minister may put them under pressure.

State congress leadership should rethink about this district and time has come to act tough over the so called congress leaders of the district as they are only to be blamed for such a poor show in the last assembly election, people felt.

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