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Assam Forest Department, Feels like in Heaven

People all over the world along with the state of Assam, today celebrated the world environment day, with much attention from the media and real and fake environment lovers. What for than those who give a damn to this celebration and ridicule it the very next day, including forest officials, so called the boss of the jungles. So, promises are only meant to be broken and it is nothing strange. Talking about forest protection and environment concern only looks good in grand meetings and not so much on practical ground. The easiest thing in this world to do is to criticise and that is what I am doing, but I know this should not cross the limit. However sometimes extreme things sometime happens and thus draws extreme criticism which is so natural. Here on this environment day I could recollect the speech of Assam forest minister who happened to speak on a meeting of forest officials held in 2012. There were all praises pouring over for the forest officials for the success of conservation of Rhino,s Tiger, pigmy Hog, Swamp Deer and so on. In fact, there is no denying of conservation graph rising in the state that really makes one feel proud of the place. Everything was looking very natural and official. But at one the moment the minister just said it, “ There are 99.9 % good forest officials and that only 0.1% is bad, so we need to wipe out that 0.1%, so that it doest bring disgrace to the forest department.” The entire sentence for me came out of the blue. I gestured my friends sitting near about the figure of forest officials. I wondered if I was sitting in heaven along with all the good forest officials. Didn’t the minister cross the line in the name of praising the forest officials? It was not an encouragement instead freedom to forest officials to run things in their way. So, what was the message to all those engaged in ill trades inside the forest.

My experience can only say, wood is green gold and preserving the forest needs real motivation and devotion. Words are no at all enough.” Plant a tree this monsoon”, hoardings of Assam Government is all around the city is not save the environment. Most of the forest reserves have become hollow inside because of random tree felling and there is no stopping to these.We need serious hoarding inside the forest warning forest mafias and their good forest officials friends.Any common villager near forest reserves or inside it will give a easy detail of forest destruction and people engaged with it.Except that the authorities do not see it.

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