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Ensure release of Naga duo: Rio to Gogoi

Nagaland Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio on Friday Dispur’s intervention for safe release two Naga people kidnapped by KPLT on June 10 in Karbi Anglong. In a letter written to his Assam counterpart Tarun Gogoi, Rio said that there had not been any breakthrough for safe release of the two Nagas. KPLT militants kidnapped two Naga people, identified as Kelesel Kikhi and Khroviho Kikhi from Viswema village under Kohima district, along with a few other workers from a power project site in Karbi Anglong district.

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Army nabs NSCN (K) cadre

5 Aug 2018 - 3:57pm | Akshaya Pranab Kalita

Namrup: Army DAO Division apprehended a NSCN (K) cadre at Namtola in Dibrugarh district on Saturday night. The cadre is identified as Sgt Maj Akhat Konyak of NSCN (K) of Mon district of Nagaland.

Army seized extortion notes, mobile phone along with incriminating document.

After interrogation, it is revealed that he has been actively involved in the extortion activities in Mon district of Nagaland.

The cadre was later on handed over to Sonari police.

Gogoi alleges delaying tactic in NRC

3 Mar 2017 - 8:52pm | AT News

Former Assam chief minister Tarun Gogoi accused the BJP led governments in state and Centre of resorting to delaying tactics in the process to update the NRC.

Addressing a press conference in Guwahati on Friday, Gogoi feared that NRC has hardly any chance of completion till the next Lok Sabha polls to extract mileage thereof.

"The BJP led, in fact, don't want the immigration problem to be solved the help of NRC. That's why, this delaying tactic,” said the three time chief minister in whose regime the process started.

KLO observes martyrs day

27 Dec 2016 - 12:58pm | AT Kokrajhar Bureau

The Kamatapur Liberation Organisation(KLO) observed martyrs day on Monday at United Base Camp at an undisclosed location,recalled and paid homage to those heroes who have sacrificed their valuable lives for the caused of Kamatapur state.

Jiban Singh Koch( Singha Koch),chairman of KLO, in a press statement said the Kamtapur was never part of India nor any relationship with ancient India. Even during the British rule in Indian subcontinent, Kamtapur was never annexed to British Indian territory and remained an independent kingdom till 1949. After 1947, the newly independent India forcibly took Koch king Maharaja Jagaddwipendra Narayan Bhup Bahadur to New Delhi and made him sign the Koch-Behar Merger Agreement on August 28, 1948. However, the formal annexation of Koch Behar was announced in 1949. Since then Koch Behar has been under Indian colonial occupation. Later, Koch Behar was again annexed to west Bengal on 1st January, 1950, which sympathize the foreigners because of ethnic affinity.

‘Ever since the 1949 annexation of Koch Behar, India as well as states government have adopted several measures to dilute Kamatapuri national identity. India government deliberately destroyed Kamtapuri language, culture and history and also exploited Kamatapur in all aspects,included political, economics and culture, and made the peoples poor. Moreover there has been huge influx of foreigners into Kamatapur. Systematically these foreign nationals began to dominate all spheres of life like political missionaries, economics centre and administration, which is the dangerous threat to Kamatapuri people in one hand’,he said.

He said, ‘Central and state governments have been capturing land forcefully from poor Kamatapuri people in the name of development, industry and military camp in the other hand. Which in result forced the Kamatapuri people to migrate to neighboring states. Today, Kamatapuri people once absolute majority ruling their own kingdom are becoming minority in their own ancestral homeland’.

The KLO has been fighting to restore the sovereignty and independence of Kamatapur. But colonial and racist Indian government is trying to crush our national liberation struggle. India government cracked down on democratic Kamatapuri movement, and also uncountable freedom fighters had been killed by security forces like Indian army, CRPF and police. The day of December 26(2000) was a very tragic day and on that day the Indian occupied force killed Nablu Das, Jiten Das and Kandura Das brutally. It was heinous killing which created a huge panic in Kamatapur. The people was against of these killing and we gave our indignation to the cruel India and since then observing the day as national martyrs day to pay respect to the heroes martyrs,who laid their lives for the caused of Kamatapur.

The KLO has been fighting for the national right to self-determination in order to restore sovereignty and independence of Kamatapur. These fundamental and inalienable right to national selfdetermination is protected by the UN general assembly and international covenants. ‘Today I would like to express the existence of our struggles to my fellow Kamtapuri, that our struggle is to restore sovereignty and independence of Kamtapur and to defend our people and national territory. So, we have to sacrifice a lots for greater interest of our people and motherland’Jiban said. Addressing the martyrs day observation Jiban Singha said, ‘Today is national martyr’s day. On this auspicious day I convey my heartfelt revolutionary greeting to all of you. I pay my deep homage to those heroes who have sacrificed their valuable live for Kamatapur and paid my heartiest due revolutionary due tribute to the bereaved family members of theirs and also I congratulate all the central committee members who are working hard in home and abroad. I also extend my heartiest greeting to all the leaders and members who have been passing misery lives in the jail’. He has urging his fellow Kamatapuri said that we must overcome, because our war is true war. It is law of nature. Victory is with us. I would like to remind India government that our fighting cannot be stopped neither they can’t suppressed and oppressed Kamatapuri people. Justice doesn’t fear injustice, and the Kamatapuri are not afraid of India how powerful it maybe’, he added. Permanent founder members of the UNLFW,C-in-C General Kumchok ,deputy C-in-C Lt. General Niki Sumi of NSCN, JK Lijang president PDCK, B Saoraigwra,president,BR Ferengga,general secretary,NDFB, Suchin Borok,organizing secretary NLFT, Captain Litpa Meitei of KYKL, Captain Mani Meitei of KCP and many high officials from different dignitaries organizations of UNLF of Western South East Asian were prominent attendees on the occasion.