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Kuki Inpi clarfies its stand

The Kuki Inpi through a widely circulated press release signed by its president Sr Haolai clarified that the Kuki Inpi was the Traditional Government and the highest court of appeal of the Kuki community. It has been practiced by the Kukis as a social institution since the time immemorial wherever the Kuki community lives. In regards to socio-political interest the decision of the Kuki Inpi was final and binding.

The decision taken by any self style organization and individual pretending to be representing in interest of the Kukis in regards to the future of the community should not be taken for granted. It was requested that the government authorities as well as the people of IPF communities should not get confused on the role of the Kuki community towards bifurcation movement just because of KLA outfit under the behest of self styled Kuki Nampi Kiloikhom (KNK) leaders speaks and act in different way to appease the district authorities and the other outfit betraying their own community.

The Kuki Inpi Assam (KIA), Kuki Students' Organisation, Assam with its N.C.Hills branch and the Kuki people have been the cornerstone of the IPF movement and will remain so until and unless bifurcation of N.C.Hills with separate Autonomous Council is achieved.

The Kuki Inpi and the KSO will never change their stand just because of the KLA militants of N.C.Hills, the breakaway faction of KLO/KLA, joined hands with the Dimasa outfits in the name of peace process but it is to note that mere joining hands with the Dimasa organization does not necessarily make the community a peace loving one, as claimed by the KLA outfit. The Kuki Inpi wants true peace not that one by sacrificing their rights and not that kind of peace enforced through the bullying tactics of the majority communities. Any outfit or organization not loyal or faithful to their own community will never be useful to any other also.

Mention may be made that the Kuki Political Affairs as appear in the recently in a section of press, a self style organization is unknown to the Kuki Inpi and hence its representation of the Kuki community's interests and its claim to be the signatories will never be accepted by the Kuki Inpi, KSO and the Kuki people, the release concluded

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who is kuki inpi?? It can be said that if you kuki is the only tribe that demands with historic cliam than it must be made clear that originally you don't belong to india even,you are just a foreigner.The fact ic known by you too.As india is democratic country it doen't mean you should take advantage of the rights by trying to crack peace and destroying other tribe and people around.As a brother of the NE state tribe remain as by having your rich culture and traditions,no need to bark around the bush and create unnecessary claim and break the peace AREA. The torching of the few villages will not be considered as your demand but a crime doing and going against the law. Your org.may claim that there is no support given to them but the arrested had already declared the fact. TRY TO LIVE TOGETHER AND PEACEFULLY AS BEING BROTHERHOOD OF THE LAND WE SHARE TOGETHER AS THE HISTORY HAS PASSED AND LIVE WITH DIGNITY IN PRESENT.

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