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Khamlang Primary School in deplorable condition

  • Khamlang Primary School
    Khamlang Primary School

With the government turning a blind eye to the necessity of basic infrastructures for years, the Khamlang Primary School under the Ukhrul Autonomous District Council (ADC) is staring at a bleak future.

Despite having a total of 117 students which is considered as the largest compared to the number of students enrolled in other primary schools under Kasom Khullen subdivision, the school is currently functioning in a makeshift building constructed by the villagers on their own. If the condition is allowed to continue, the number of students is likely to fall in the next few years.

According to Ringphapam convenor SMDC Primary School, Khamlang PS was established in the early 1990s but after hailstorms damaged the school building beyond repair around the year 2008-9, students of the school had no place for learning.

He said that Khamlang village authority along with the SMDC members had apprised the matter to the authorities concerned several times since the past many years but the government has never rebuild the school building.

Ringphapam said that the school has the highest student enrollment of 117 with 8 regular teaching staff compared to other primary schools in the subdivision. "Apart from local students, many students from neighbouring villages are also studying in the school, but the nonexistence of building has badly affected their studies."

"Considering the hardships faced by the students and the risk of ruining their education due to lack of solid school infrastructures, the villagers of Khamlang chipped in their contributions and built a temporary building for the school in September last," he said.

The makeshift building has 9 rooms to accommodate students from kindergarten to class six, he said while adding that they do know how long will it last to ensure uninterrupted studies for the students.

Ringphapam said that if the shabby conditions of learning will not be improved, the number of students is likely to come down in the coming years.

"It is our utmost request to the government to look into the plights of the students of the school and provide them a new building at the earliest," he added.

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