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Gorkhas celebrate Bhai-Dooj

The Gorkha community in Assam celebrated Bhai-Tika or Bhai-Dooj to mark love bonding between brothers and sisters with traditional fervour and gaiety on Saturday.

Bhai tika is the last, and the most important day of Tihar. In this day, the sisters apply Tika to their brothers’ forehead and pray for their brothers’ long lives, and share a meal.

"A sister prays for the longevity, happiness and success of her brother who, in return, showers her with gifts, goodies and blessings. The brother renews his vow to take care of his sister and protect her throughout his life," said Amit Sapkota a college student. The women also recite tradtional folk songs on Bhai Dooj.

"We recite a mantra for our brothers long life and apply 'chandan' on their forehead.

The brothers, in a ceremonial gesture, bless us with 'doob' grass for our wellness," said Rijju Chetry a housemaker.

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