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ISF (IM) takes responsibility of serial blast in Assam

A terror group named ISF (IM) takes responsibility of the serial blasts yesterday. According to a satellite channel News Live, they have received a SMS from the number 98646-93690, ISF (IM) which read as: "We, ISF(IM) take responsibility of Thursday's blasts. We warn all of Assam and India for situation like this in future.We thank all our holy members and partners...Amin'.

According to the channel, the number is registered to one Nazir Ahmed of Moirabari in Morigaon district of Assam.

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Anandita's picture

With utter dismay and sorry that I feel today for the state where I was born and brought up.. A state which is mourning today...of the heinous crimes from one and only religion which has plagued the entire world. Islam they call is in danger, but from whom? And why? Are innocent people of the world not in danger from the very same religion..whose people claim that their religion is in danger? Assam was always a victim since the days of ULFA..but have never seen in the recent history a blast of such tremendous intensity. As intensity which not only forces me to write a letter to the editor ..but also pledges the people of the entire country to HELP! To help this Hindu nation from the cruelty from this religion...from the remorse nature of the people of this community and save the entire nation. When we look for solution , we think of government , we think of police , we think of CBI, but what about helping ourselves? Helping ourselves but how? I think it is high time that we as a nation save the glory of India and this state and make some firm decisions which LTTE made, which George W Bush made, which the entire European nation has made and i.e. to cleanse our state from Bangladeshi's to cleanse our nation from ISLAM. IT is high time that we take such harse measure and let the world know that we are not HIJARA's. Anandita.
Bikash Kumar Das's picture

ISF(IM) supposed to gain Cong to reduce burden. Why they will send SMS from a good secured number?? Are they fool after planting so much powerful bombs, killing all Assamese on the spot?? I doubt!
Prodip Chandra's picture

Can now our Central Govt at least wake up to this advertisement of self proclaimed protectors ( or fanatics) of religion. No religion teaches violence but it is the travesty of today that it is a mere instrument of some barbarians to utilize it for want of pelf and power. I really urge our central government to take serious action for this heinous crime committed as we do not have any trust in the state government sheltering the Bangladeshis who as refugees reared this poison of religious fundamentalism with an objective of usurping power and nothing else. There is an imminent need for every individual of the greater Assamese community to wake up and lead an individual fight against it or else their own identity would cease to exist from the face of this world now. Prodip Chandra
Kuladip's picture

The root of the cause is the ever increasing Bangladeshi population in Assam. Let us be firm in boycotting them economically. (Including well dressed/well educated Bangladeshis not only the lungi-clad labourers.) i feel, there should be an act to prohibit Bangladeshis to Produce more than 1 child per couple.
Ratna's picture

It was the year 1980, and I got my first job offer from the Kalyani university. Ultimately, after a thorough soul search, I refrained from joining because Guwahati was so dear to me. It was so wonderful to roam along the riverside, shopping in Radhabazar, and sipping the coconut juice standing by the side of the old post office (now Meghdoot Bwavan) at that time. Many things have changed over the years, but still I love Guwahati. But what a horrible scene of Guwahati opened on my desktop when I browsed The Hindustan Times yesterday morning! I went on searching every possible news items there after and felt like to cri aloud. My dear Guwahati is burning. It looks, as if the roads of Guwahati are the cremation ground with hundreds of lighted pyres after the Kurukshetra war of Mahabharata. My heart bleeds for Guwahati.
Anjan Saikia's picture

Bikash Kumar Das and Kuladip is correct. :: :: :: :: The SMS drama may be a part of this political game..we all know that Mr. Gogoi. :: :: :: :: Fifty years from now : ** Tarun Gogoi and his team will be resting (god knows where!).. His kins are safe in other country.. Assam will see 100% Islam(pro Bangladeshi) MLA in Dispur and I will not be surprised if they change the name of my beloved Assam.. :: ::.... Any thought! After Politics, I think Global Warming has a place here too.. The poles are melting fast.. major part of Bangladesh will be wiped off from the map pretty soon by the increasing sea level like many other low level south Asian coastal area (see the movie "the day after tomorrow" ).. think, where all these Bangladeshis will go? New york is already full of Bangladeshis.. obviously Assam is inviting them as vote bank.. few of them will participate in the political system, a very handful will try to become Assamese and the major part will go Jihadi way to prove their existence.. this is a general trend of human surviving, but trust me, DON'T LET THEM TEST THIS IN ASSAM... :: :: Folks, there is more coming! China is building few major river DAMS and the result is: "we all know that"... :: :: :: Mr CM: Don't you get this at all? ULFA: What is this going on guys? A plain statement after these bombing by Barua!! Is that how you care about Assam? Give up OR Fight at the need of the hour.. Anjan Saikia New Jersey.
john's picture

Anjan I stongly stand by your opinion. The time is coming sooner than later that Assam will be flooded by the waters of Bangladesh, for the people like CM of Assam are dying to save the marooned Bangladesh(ies) for a mere game of simple politics, the CM has no other source and means of sustaining his life and family. And I don't find any logic at all why the ULFA is dying for sovereinty hiding in Bangladesh. Is ULFA drafting a master plan to merge Assam with Bangladesh and sell the dignity of Assam. I think the CM and the ULfa are the two sides of the same coin. I request the ULFA to come back to Assam and work for the people of Assam and not for the welfare of the marooned Bangladesh(ies). They will take care of themselves.
Ajoy Warisa's picture

The way Gogoi talks riding high on the Bangladeshi vote banks should bring shame on the face of every indigenous Assamese. When would Assamese decide their destiny rather than Bangladeshi's?
Simanta's picture

FALSE EXCUSE by Assam Police There is not much information on the outfit besides that it was formed in 2000-01 by a section of Muslims to counter bodo militant outfits, BLT and NDFB'.-----This is what police men like Khagen Sharma has to say about the powerful HUJI and IM. Was there bodo militants outfits in Bangalore and Hyderabad for the Islamic terrorists to counter? There were no riots or clashes in these South Indian cities. Assam is in the map of greater Bangladesh and Pakistan wants it to be an Islamic State. So they are terrorising the people of the state. HUJI and IM were formed decades back. This plan to attack was planned months back, may be more than a year back. The clashes are an excuse which was again planned in rural areas of Assam to pave way for this. The Pakistani flag was a clue which the Assam govt ignored.
shibani's picture

Common people are suffering due to our foolish politicians. What is happening today in Assam, is going to happen tomorrow in West Bengal and in many states, as politicians of West Bengal are also welcoming the Bangladeshis every now and then. Now they are the kings in boarder areas and after few years, they will rule the state.
Shudipta Baruah's picture

Today New Delhi witnessed a huge rally condemning the terrorist attacks on the Assamese population with the serial blasts on October 30, 2008. A huge number of Assamese citizens residing in Delhi lighted up candles as a mark of tribute to the deceased of Thursday’s serial bomb blasts. A rally was organized by the Assamese people as a spontaneous decision of the participants. By the evening, almost four hundred of Assamese students and working class were attracted to Assam Bhavan by means of a SMS which said: “Peace March from Assam Bhawan to 11 Murti today @ 6pm. Come n join hands against Terrorism. Assamese youths n Citizens in Delhi” The people gathered at Assam Bhavan at Kautilya Marg, New Delhi for this noble cause. They started their peace rally from Assam Bhavan at 6:30 PM with burning candles and placards condemning terrorism and demanding peace. We thank all the Assamese people who have come, joined hands and made this peace march happen. All of them reached Gyarah Murti (11 Murti) at Sardar Patel Marg, Chanakyapuri and mourned for the deceased. Few more SMS have pushed into the inboxes this evening about a candle light march in India Gate on Nov 2, 10 AM. We are yet to ascertain the genuineness of this message. However, there will be another rally today morning at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi. This rally is supposed to start at 10:30 AM, Sunday, November 02, 2008 and would be concluded at India Gate. Even after more than 48 hours have passed since the series of blasts rocked the State on Thursday, Assam Police continue to be clueless about the identity of the organization behind the terror strikes, which claimed 81 lives, besides leaving over 200 injured! This is really a shocking situation for the people of this state! Probably one of the most powerful blast to have rocked Assam, the impact of the blast will leave a deep scar on the governments inability to filter out the miscreants. As it was a very quick decision, the Press could not turn up on time. However, the local Chanakyapuri Police was notified and the police supported the noble cause and assisted in making this Peace Rally a success! I THANK ALL OF THE ASSAMESE CITIZENS IN DELHI FOR YOUR ACTIVE PARTICIPATION!! Joi Aai Axom!! ” No act of terrorism can be compartmentalized, and there can be no justification for terrorism on any ground. It is imperative for the international community to come together to combat terrorism in a long-term, sustained and comprehensive manner,” - Joint Communiqué, India, Russia, China Foreign Ministers meet.
ram dhar's picture

We are angry here in US looking at the total indifference shown by current govt, political parties after the bombing ..c'mon tell it loud who did that ..I agree with Anjan.. Assam is becoming Indias 2nd Kashmir... New jersey, USA
Zess Kamki's picture

Lets prayed for those who died on black Thursday. Our political leaders are showing their solidarity just to gain their vote bank. L.K. Advani came from Delhi asking for vote and Tarun Gogoi given 'PANAAH' to Banladeshis who were evicted from others state.
debojit das's picture

There was some funny comment Gogoi made on TV the other day about the blast, :-) Gogoi and his poor English, he really don't fit to be a Chief Minister.
jay's picture

It is unfortunate to see anyone dying in violence. It is also unfortunate to see people are blaming Muslims & Bangladeshis for this act. It is too early to point finger at anyone. Let investigations take its course. Paresh Baruah does not sound like a Muslim name, does it? Isn’t ULFA fighting in that part of the India? Bangladesh & and its people (Muslims/Hindus/Christians/Atheists/Buddhists) all are living in peace. No communal violence in Bangladesh. Instead of instigating violence, lets pray for peace and let the authorities find the perpetrators and don’t blame peace loving Bengalis. Bengali roots in Assam go back to 1303 and then the British forced some Bengali speakers to move to Assam to clear land and inhibit Brahmaputra Valley, Bangladesh did not exist then. The Bengali speakers in Assam are Indian and they are not from Bangladesh. Assamese also migrated to present day Bangladesh during 60’s. As a human being and a Bangladeshi I feel sorry for your loss. Dehumanizing any race or religion is not the way to tackle any problem. I strongly believe that if anything links to Bangladesh then the Bangladeshi Government will take appropriate actions.
Dorika Barua's picture

Even then, the Congress is diverting the public attention to innocent Bodo youths in villages in the name of NDFB and ULFA. Indeed, the govt in Assam is too quick to confirm the 'actual' culprits. Unprecedented speed in the land of "laahae laahae".... Goal: Elections 2009
sangi's picture

I have read with interest the varied comments of our intelligent readers and common people of Assam on the vexed Bangladeshi issues and of the recent bomb blasts that led to innumerable loss to human lives and property. Whom do we blame ? The Bangladeshi Muslims? Islam , the religion? The State Government of Assam? The number of militant groups in Assam ? No, dear readers and commentators, you have vented your anger on a religion but not on the perpetrators/ militant groups including certain political parties that are hell bent on creating a situation that would lead the common people to the far end of the tunnel and leave them there to rot. How come, Mrs. Bijoya Chakraborty landed at the sight of the blasts in Ganeshguri in such a short time/ or how could Mr,. Advani so promptly landed in Guwahati........think..hard friends. Do not live with half baked conclusions. Think Again.
paresh's picture

Its horrible. This should stop.

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