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Website on Tai Ahoms

In a bid to popularise the cultural richness of Tai Ahoms for the global reach , a website was lauched today at the Guwahati Press Club. Bijoy Bakal, Jaba Borgohain, Titu Kumar Hazarika and Buljit Buragohain formally launched the website The aim of launching the site is to make available all sorts of information about the Tai Ahoms spreading across the world. After the launching of the website, all relevant information will be uploaded. Different aspects of the Tai Ahoms will be available in the website. Information on ‘Institute of Tai Study and Research’, located in Moran in Sivasagar district will also be available in the website. Significantly, ‘Institute of Tai Study and Research’ which has been publishing academic journals, teaching Tai Ahom language, preserving old manuscripts in a well organized library from its inception is the only such institute in the entire country. The website gives the chronology of the Ahoms kings in Assam, life history of the first Ahom king Sukapha and also about other Shan tribes. ‘The website become a reality after lots of discussion which took place through networking site’, said Jaba Borgohain, a BBM graduate. We shall try to upload all relevant information in the website. ‘Internet has become vast source of information and it is important for us to put the information on Tai Ahoms’, said Buljit Buragohain , a research scholar from IIT Guwahati.

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Citizen Journalist and activist.


D.J. Sarma's picture

An excellent idea . The history of the Tai Ahoms have not been projected properly . Even the written history e.g. Tunkhungia Buronji etc are incomplete and at best sketchy .Other published books are with contents which may not be authentic , having been interpreted by the authors to suit their books . During research , special attention must be paid to the Ahom royaltys' manner of administration and details of battles fought . Also the period of Burmese invasion is rather hazy i.e. the social cultural life during that phase ..
kanak gogoi's picture

Great job done,we want even more from you. I will be happy if you give me a chance to contribute a little for this Noble cause. Regards.
Dorika's picture

"Happy is the state which has no history." Assam is unhappy because of too many histories.
jo borgohain's picture

Well it would be nice to see a great work live up to its expectations. Feedback from readers must be encouraged and history and informations for supporting further research n studies must be the foremost objective....
pratisha kumari's picture

I really thankful to you all who are propagator to introduce the website.I am a research scholar in Tezpur University and my intent to work on food habits of Ahom.So I will be very greatful if some one give me authentic source for my research work.Kindly do me the favour.
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Ahom culture is gradually dying... its a pain to see ahom people today completely ignorant of their great heritage. There is lack of medium for people to learn about the Ahom culture. Internet is a great medium which can work towards educating people in this direction.
bhaskar jeet gogoi's picture

Am 100% agrre with Monami Gogoi. I feel great when I meet Ahom peoples. We should try to make alive our tradition our culture. As Monami's voice our culture is gradually dying. I would be greatful if I can do something about our culture about our tradition.
chao Dibyajyoti dehingia's picture

After having a great history wht we have now... only the past what we are doing for our present today we are fighting for our own existence. Wake up my fellow brothers and sisters. Kokalot tongali bandhi ulabo hol
jyotisman hazarika's picture

hello every1, I m jyotisman (ronku)..i am at present working on a dissertation on Ahom military tactics..i am trying my best to project the unconventional tactics adopted by them against the Mughals..Any1 having any knowledge on the subject please mail me...
Hemant Raj Konwar`'s picture

It will be a great job on the part of the research scholars. Ahoms once ruled Assam and am proud that they ruled for 600 long years. Today people have forgotten their rich heritage and the website will come as a welcome step to all those who feel proud to be called Ahoms.
Chao Navajit Chetia's picture

I truly support Monami and Dibyajyoti. The time has really come for us to stand together and make our culture to rise up again.

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