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GPC Inter Media Cricket: Appointment letters of Players to be scanned

Following the complicacy aroused in conducting the inter media cricket tournament, organized by Guwahati Press Club (GPC) every year, the organizer has finally decided to scan the official appointment letter of each and every players taking part in the tournament.

There are allegations that many participating teams, representing media houses, engage non-journalists (and non-newspaper employees) as their players in the tournament. This time, it was decided that every player would have to show his identity cards (on demand) before the play. But allegations remained that it could not prevent non-employees (who are professional cricketers) taking part in the tournament.

Finally it is decided that only those, who possess valid appointment letters from their respective media houses, will be entitled to play in the tournament. But it may sound odd that many journalists (not to speak of other newspaper employees), based in Assam, donot have proper appointment letters that discourage them to demand their due facilities recommended by the concerned laws of the country.

The GPC secretary has already issued an official letter to all the participating teams regarding the requirement of the photo copies of appointment letters (of players) for the left out matches of 10th GPC media cricket. The matches will be played during first half of May at the same venue (Latashil playground). More over, a meeting will be convened in the next few days at the press club premises, where all the participating team- representatives will be invited to resolve the issue amicably.

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