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What all these people were doing?

The AGP (P), AGP, AASU, AJYCP all had their chance within and in proximity of the governments ruling the state. The BJP in fact ruled the country. What were they doing during their stints as regards detection and deportation of foreign nationals? At this moment, these people are trying to whip up a frenzy similar to the now forgotten times of Assam Movement thirty years ago. That, the polls are in the offing and these people are getting busy are no coincidence at all. To find or to seek patriotism in polticians would be an exercise in self-deception, (as a friend has reminded me in the context of American aggression in Iraq vis a vis carving up that country between oil companies like Exxon, Mobil, Chevron and BP). Safeguarding the country and the people were never paramount in their list of priorities and the way Manmohanomics has reduced even the parliament to a free-market would drive home this point. On the other end of the spectrum, the Congress, the AUDF, the AAMSU etc. are spewing fire against discrimination and trying to pose as the saviours of the 'minority' (a misnomer) interests. Yesterday, Mr. Badaruddin was up in arms in the TV against any action to goad human beings like animals and chicken for the purpose of deportation. In fact, the AGP (P), AGP, AASU, AJYCP with their jingoist attitude and rhetorics are creating grounds for these people to spew venom. There is a pathetic effort on the part of AASU, AGP et al to try ad-hoc and make believe platforms like Goria Moria organisation to show representation from the 'minority' quarters.

The people of Assam would do well to try build up separate fora from the lowest level taking into confidence all people of various ethnic, religious, linguistic groups and ensuring their representation and participation in such fora in search for a solution, if any, for this problem of gargantuan proportions and not be distracted by jingoism and progroms sought to be enacted by the self-seekers once again to sunder the social fabric of Assam for their petty personal political gains. The people of Assam should shun the battle cries of these political ( some of them pathetically tries to prove that they are not political and they have some gullible followers too) and take a path that would bring real succour to this unfortunate state/people.
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Mr. Borthakur... the words you have dotted down seems to be true but practically it is a different story altogether and sorry to say this is not the true picture, it is much more then this.

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